Naruto’s death: when and how he dies in the manga and anime

Is naruto dead

Naruto’s death: when and how he dies in the manga and anime

We solve your doubts about everything you’ve always wanted to know about Naruto’s death!

Naruto is one of the most beloved manga and anime characters since his story was first published in the late 90s. Over the years, he has lived countless adventures in the company of his friends, leaving us with important life lessons. At the same time, he struggles to realize his dreams of becoming the Hokage of the village. However, the moment most feared by fans is Naruto’s death, and we tell you how this event was.

After the culmination of Naruto Shippūden and the subsequent broadcast of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, a series that deals with the adventures of the new generation of ninjas, Naruto Uzumaki was shown to us with his dream of becoming Hokage already fulfilled and also being the protector of world peace.

However, during the first chapter of the new Boruto series, we are a bit ahead of the future, and it can be understood that Naruto has been killed, although it is not explicitly stated. These words made us wonder when the protagonist of the original saga died and who would end his life for him since the world was threatened by a terrorist group similar to Akatsuki and an ancient alien clan that had begun to move their chips.

Is naruto dead: when and how he dies in the manga and anime

Naruto's death: when and how he dies in the manga and anime
Is naruto dead?

Naruto’s Baryon mode

In one of the most recent chapters of the manga, our protagonists were shown facing the most powerful enemy to date, Isshiki Otsutsuki, who was a warrior from the main branch of the Otsutsuki clan, which Kaguya belonged, the first user of the Chakra.

Although Naruto had the synchronization of the Kurama Mode, he was no match for Isshiki, so faced with the scenario of a possible defeat and the end of everything, the Kyūbi decides to reveal his last resort to the protagonist, with which they could win to the enemy.

Kurama defined this new transformation as something similar to a nuclear fusion, where a new type of Chakra arises due to the combination of the Bijū and the Jinchūriki, known as Baryon Mode. With this, Naruto acquired a supreme power with which he finally managed to defeat Isshiki and end the danger he represented, but it came at a high cost.

Kurama’s Sacrifice – Kurama and Naruto’s Death?

Once the protagonist defeated Isshiki, he passed out, as this new transformation was called the last resort, because it ended the Bijū Chakra; therefore, Kurama dies.

This terrible news led us to think that Naruto would also die, as it happened with Gaara at the beginning of Naruto Shippūden after his Bijū was removed, but he did not. Kurama himself explains that this transformation works differently from the extraction carried out by the Gedō Mazō, so the Jinchūriki is not in danger.

With this, we can know that, even though the half of Kurama inside Naruto has disappeared, he is out of danger, so he can continue protecting the village. However, we still retain Kawaki’s words at the beginning of the series, referring to the fate of the protagonist of the original series.

Naruto's death: when and how he dies in the manga and anime
Is naruto dead?

Kurama’s sacrifice to defeat a member of Kaguya Otsutsuki’s family, the most powerful villain in the series, was an act of bravery to protect his friend and family. It remains to wait for the story to continue its course and show us what Naruto will do now that he does not have the Kyūbi with him.

But we can be sure that the day Naruto finally dies, he will do so fighting like the hero he is and without going back on his word because that is his ninja way.

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Naruto and Hinata die in Boruto?

With the baton passing to his son, Naruto is no longer the main character and will probably meet his death soon.

Fans have watched Naruto grow from a young boy to become the Hokage. They saw him fight and survive his way through various enemies and situations that were considered to result in death.

Now, after fulfilling his dreams and becoming one of the most powerful existences in the world, his story has come to an end.

Fortunately, with Boruto’s release, we get one more chance to see him live his life and watch his children forge their own stories.

His death has been foreshadowed, and fans fear that the worst has already happened.


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  2. How will Naruto die?
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Does Naruto die in Boruto?

Naruto Uzumaki is not dead, but he will die in Boruto; it’s just a matter of when. From Kawaki’s statement of him in the first episode, coupled with the fact that he is no longer the protagonist, the chances of Naruto being alive at the end have been significantly reduced.

Since Boruto is a Shonen series, all the characters will gradually get more robust, and sooner or later; they will outperform the previous generation. To do this, the writers need something that motivates the characters to get stronger and presents enough opportunities for them to do so.

Naruto’s death will be an incident that will accomplish both. It will give Boruto a reason to get stronger, that is, to protect his loved ones, take revenge for his father’s death, and build tensions between him and Kawaki. Another reason Naruto will probably die is because his presence overshadows his son, who is supposed to be the main character of the series.

Boruto can only take center stage if the current strongest, Naruto, retreats or dies.

While using his death to gain power seems ruthless and will infuriate fans, it has been done for a long time. Even Naruto and Sasuke’s powers were developed by sacrificing beloved characters like Jiraiya and Itachi. To refocus attention on the current generation and temper power levels, the writers will either seal or kill Naruto and use his death as a turning point in the story.

How will Naruto die?

  1. Disastrous results of the new mode

To save his son, the village, and the world, Naruto was willing to sacrifice his life to defeat Isshiki. However, just as his power was failing, Kurama revealed that he had a hidden way that could help him succeed. Unfortunately, with this great power, it came at a higher cost.

Naruto transformed into a Nine-Tails form never seen before in Boruto’s manga with his death as the price. While Kurama made it clear that the Hokage would die after using this new power, fans wonder if any miracles or plot armor will come to his aid.

Naruto will not die in Boruto’s manga, especially not at Isshiki’s hands. In the first chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, it was heavily implied that the Hokage would suffer defeat at the hands of Kawaki.

It means that Naruto’s time of death has not yet come, and the chances of him surviving are high. Also, Naruto is quite tenacious. Despite being weaker, he has always managed to get stronger and survive, if not defeat, his opponents from him. The last time he fought Isshiki, he again escaped death, so it’s not surprising that he does it again.

Naruto vs. the God, Isshiki

Naruto doesn’t die in Boruto’s manga as Boruto and Kawaki team up to rescue the Seventh Hokage from the sealed container Isshiki trapped him in. Despite his poor condition, Naruto recovers and avoids death once more.

When Jigen visited the Hidden Leaf Village to retrieve Kawaki, he was unsuccessful and instead met Naruto, the Seventh Hokage. Jigen then took Naruto to another dimension where the two of them, including the newly arrived Sasuke, became involved in a battle.

Due to Naruto and Sasuke’s prowess, Jigen was cornered, resulting in him activating his Karma seal and overpowering them. However, because he expended so much chakra, Isshiki’s personality woke up. Isshiki, in Jigen’s possession, incapacitated Naruto with his chakra draining rods, While Sasuke managed to escape.

Isshiki didn’t kill Naruto because doing so would use up too much chakra and instead sealed him away. Because of this, all traces of Naruto’s Chakra disappeared, and it was assumed that he was dead.

Fortunately, Boruto and Kawaki teamed up to pinpoint Naruto’s location, and by synchronizing their chakra, they managed to save the Seventh Hokage. However, while Naruto escaped death, how long can he continue to do so?

Many fans assumed that the Jougan was the Byakugan, transplanted from Hinata after her death. However, he was proven wrong as the series progressed. Apart from this “theory,” there are other speculations, such as Hinata dying while protecting Boruto during Naruto’s absence.

While Hinata’s death may act as a stimulant for Boruto to become stronger, nothing has been confirmed. Hinata does not die in either the Boruto manga or anime and is completely healthy. However, she will later die to protect her children during Naruto’s absence from her.

About Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is written and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto and supervised by Masashi Kishimoto. It entered serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2016.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the series that follows the exploits of Naruto’s son Boruto during his academy days and beyond. The series follows the character development of Boruto and the looming evil that challenges the fate of him and his loved ones of him.

Naruto’s death: when and how he dies in the manga and animeIs naruto dead

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