Car salesman salary – Training & Skills to become

Car salesman salary

Car salesman salary – Training and Skills

Car salesman salary: Car salespeople also often receive promotions or raises after several months or years of working for the same employer. The average salary for a car salesman in the United States is $ 66,731 per year.

Car salespeople are the backbone of any auto industry. This career requires a lot of creativity to provide clients with an exceptional experience. So you want to know how to become a seller?

According to Accenture , a survey of 10,000 car buyers shows that the average consumer spends between 13 and 15 hours shopping before writing a check.

Therefore, car salesmen spend many hours on their feet to make sure that customers have all of their purchasing questions answered. Therefore, a car salesman is key to closing any car business.


1. The role of the Car salesman

The Car salesman greets customers and directs them to the vehicle that best suits their needs.

It presents the volumes and livability of a minivan when facing a family, or details the performance of a sedan cut for a single person or a couple. The automotive salesperson is well aware of the targets of the sector, but he must remain attentive to specific desires.

Most of the time, the customer comes to the dealership with a specific model in mind. The presentation will then revolve around the proposed finishes, onboard equipment included as standard, available engines, and their technical sheets (fuel consumption, CO2 emission rate, torque, etc.).

Depending on the case, the car seller accompanies the potential customer for a test drive during which he will continue to argue in favor of this model.

Also starts the negotiation stage which is a tradition in the world of automobile sales. The buyer tries to get free options, while the seller can offer a discount under certain conditions. Because if he absolutely wants to sell this car in which he believes in, he must also remain attentive to the profit margin of his dealership.

Once the deal is closed, the auto salesperson offers a financing offer to customers who do not pay cash. He enters the data himself to obtain an agreement in principle or entrusts this task to an operator.

The car salesperson can also sell used vehicles and therefore has a different approach to negotiating. Here the customer cannot choose between dozens of different models, but he can obtain a discount which has again become almost automatic.

Car salesman salary – Training & Skills to become

The missions of the car salesman
Car salesman salary

A car is not bought lightly, unlike ready-to-wear or food, and therefore each transaction carried out by the car salesman is much more intense, and more trying too, than in other sectors.

2. The missions of the car salesman

The car salesman offers essentials and dreams:

  • organization of the showroom
  • welcoming and orienting clients
  • demonstration of equipment and vehicle on the road
  • entry of financing transactions

3. The skills to become a Car salesman

The auto salesperson simply loves cars:

  • know the automobile in all its facets (mechanics, equipment, developments, manufacturers, etc.) and of course particularly the range marketed
  • show a perfect presentation
  • be able to negotiate diplomatically
  • know how to target buyers

4. Training to become a car salesperson

Becoming a car salesman has always been possible with only good general knowledge. But employers are more and more demanding on the profile of candidates, especially among large manufacturers concerned about their image. A CFLI is a good starting point:

  • CAP multi-specialty trade employee
  • Commercial baccalaureate
  • Professional baccalaureate in sales (prospecting, negotiation, customer follow-up)
  • FCIL, additional local initiative training, automotive sales advisor (bac level)
  • BTS technico commercial
  • BTS negotiation and customer relations
  • DUT marketing techniques

5. The car salesman’s workplace

The car salesperson works in a dealership on behalf of a specific brand, or in a multi-brand garage. In all cases, he carries out his missions in a showroom where new cars are exhibited. Or on the outdoor park which contains more different finishes as well as used models.

He works in direct contact with private customers. But it can turn, after a few years, towards sales to companies that are equipped with a car fleet.

6. The career of the Car salesman and salary

The car salesman started his career at around € 1,500 gross. He generally receives an incentive on his sales. 

A more experienced salesperson can earn up to €3,000 gross. His career development may lead him to supervise a team of salespeople or to become the manager of a dealership. 

Car Salesman United States – salary, how to find a job

  1. How Much Salary and How Much Does a Car Salesperson Make?
  2. How To Find A Job – Car Salesperson United States?
america flag

The best cities to find a job are: Washington DC (capital), New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San José, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Indianapolis , Fort Worth, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, El Paso

Salary for the job: Car salesman United States – USD 4038
Average salary United States – USD 3511
Official currency: USD (US dollar)

Impact of work experience on salary:
Experienced: + 27%
Mid-career: + 17%
Early career: – 14%

Car salesman salary

Chart: (1) Salary – Car salesman (2) Average salary – United States


Chart: (1) Experienced (2) Mid-career (3) Early career

Benefits for employees

  • Pension scheme: Usually Yes
  • Health insurance: Usually Yes
  • Vocational training (Internal and external): Usually not
  • Career plan of a employee: Usually Yes

Typical job requirements

  • Level of study: High school
  • Certification: Not required
  • Computer literacy: Not required
  • Probationary period: Usually not
  • Official languages: English
  • Knowledge of a foreign language: Not required
  • Driver’s license: Necessary
  • Work Experience: Effect on Salary – Large

Job Type:

  • Full-Time
  • Work Part-Time Work
  • Contractual Employment
  • Industry Sector: Commercial and Sales

Working Time and Paid Leave

  • Work Week: Monday Friday
  • Working Hours Per week: 40
  • Overtime working hours: No
  • Paid vacation days: 0 (Contract may be different)
  • Paid holidays: 0
  • Lunch
  • break : Yes Lunch break: 30 minutes
  • Flexible working hours: Yes

Radiation therapist salary in The USA

united state

Salary – Car salesman: (1) United States (2) Australia (3) Canada

wage graph

Salary – United States: (1) Car salesman (2) Ice cream seller (3) Supermarket cashier

The average salary of a car salesman

Auto salespeople who work at new and used car dealerships fall into the Bureau of Labor Statistics category of retailers since their jobs involve selling from a business to customers directly, that is, car owners and drivers, rather than a factory or dealer. What a car salesman and the rest of a dealership’s sales staff sell depends, in part, on what products are available to them.

Car salesman Salary in The USA

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto dealerships employed 233,480 salespeople as of May 2011. The number amounted to 61 percent of all sales workers at these dealerships. These salesmen and women earned an average annual wage of $ 42,150 or $ 20.27 an hour. The highest paid 25 percent earned $ 54,010 or more, and the top 10 percent earned $ 74,230 or more. On the other hand, the lowest paid 25 percent earned $ 24,540 or less with the lowest 10 percent earning $ 18,530 or less.

New vs. Used

One of the factors in how much a car salesman made was whether he sold new or used cars. While the salary figures reported by Simply Hired were much higher than those reported by BLS, the average salary listed by the website for a new car salesman was almost three times that of a used car salesman. Part of the difference could be attributed to commissions earned as new cars are generally more expensive than used cars, often significantly more.

Auto parts salesman

Some auto dealership salespeople specialize in selling auto parts rather than automobiles. The 50,270 auto parts salespeople represented the second-largest number of sales workers at auto dealerships, according to BLS, and earned an average of $ 37,930 a year, or $ 18.24 an hour. The highest paid 10 percent earned $ 58,570 or more while the lowest paid 10 percent earned $ 21,030 or less.

Sales supervisors

Auto dealerships also employed 39,480 sales supervisors, according to BLS, the third-largest group of sales people in the industry. These supervisors earned an average of $ 71,670 per year or $ 34.45 per hour. The highest paid 10 percent earned $ 121,640 or more while the lowest paid 10 percent earned $ 31,360 or less.

How much a new and used car salesman makes on commission

One of the questions that you have surely also asked yourself is: how much does a car salesman earn , be it new, used or agency.

Job profile for a car salesman
Car salesman salary

For this reason, in car sales we will talk about this important profession in the world of buying and selling vehicles of the sedan, pick or truck type.

Car salesmen  are specialists in the sale of cars and are an important part of the customer, as they will end up encouraging a person to take a new car home.

But you may wonder how they make money, so here we explain how the job of a car salesman works without going to Yahoo!

In most cases, car dealers work in three industriesnew car dealerships and places where they sell used or agency cars.

The first best paid and with the best benefits.

Car salesmen usually have a base or minimum salary.

However, they get commissions for the sale of vehicles, likewise, you must sell a number of cars from time to time.


1. How much does a new car salesman make?

Every seller charges a percentage per month, but the commissions can vary and range from 5% to 1%. This applies to a general manager and employees.

In the case of new car dealerships, the commissions are low.

This is because the car has a marked price and the agency earns 3% per sale, of those 3% the seller can get up to 5% or depending on the dealership something more.

2. How much does a used car dealer make?

In this case, used car dealers have a lower base salary than that of new car sales .

Also, your commission earnings aren’t that juicy, as car prices are lower.

Commission earnings are typically 3% or 5%. Although there are exceptions, depending on the model, the seller and the buyer, the profit margin can be higher than that of the sale of new cars since these are not marked with a sale price.

3. What is the salary and commission of a car salesman?

First of all, you should know that the salary will depend on several factors:

  • The first one , depending on the country you are in (since the currency is different in each region).
  • The second is in the company that you work (there are multimillion dollar companies that have already been very successful and can afford expensive salaries, however small car companies and dealers have a fairly low salary).
  • Finally, the third factor lies in the position that the person has.

4. Salary depending on the country you work in

  • Argentina : approximately 258,000 Argentine pesos per month.
  • Chile : 433,362 Chilean pesos per month approximately.
  • Colombia : 1,075,553.00 Colombian pesos monthly.
  • Canada : Between $20- $40 per hour depending on the company.
  • United States / USA: In Miami, Florida $20 per hour.
  • Spain : In Madrid, approximately 913 euros per month.
  • Mexico : $92.31 Mexican pesos per hour approximately.
  • Peru : Approximately 1,000 soles per month.

It should be noted that the commissions regardless of the country in which you are, should be between 1% and 5% since this is established in the constitutional laws of each country. Although it is possible, that through agreements with the company, you can earn a little more.

5. Salary depending on the company you work for

  • Chevrolet : Between $ 24 and $ 44 per hour
  • Ford : $ 6,665 per month.
  • Hyundai : $ 190 per day approximately
  • Kia : Between $ 20 and $ 40 an hour.
  • Mazda : $ 6,500 monthly salary without commissions
  • Mercedes Benz : $ 200 per day
  • Nissan : $ 25 per hour.
  • Renault : $ 6,235.76 per month.
  • Volkswagen : $ 36 to $ 40 per hour, and about $ 80,000 annually.
  • Ferrari : $ 9,460 Monthly + Bonuses. 

We cannot put aside how much a car assembler earns that ranges between $ 6,000 to $ 10,000 per month.

6. Job profile for a car salesman

It is good to be a car salesman, but it not only implies getting the job , to be a good car salesman and earn commissions aggressively, you need to create your own profile as this will help you not only generate more profits but also you It will allow you to move up the position in the company where you work quickly.

In the first place, you must have “responsibility”, especially when you serve your customers, you must show them each of the characteristics of the products they like the most, since this way you can clarify their doubts and provide important information that will help them sell. Car.

Job profile
Car salesman salary

Study about “negotiation processes” as these will help you to improve interaction with customers, in addition to allowing you to convince them more easily. For this, it is important that the seller sets objectives and that he can thus meet each of them.

Extremely important, ” personal presentation”, the first impression of a seller is his clothing, so you should always try to be well groomed and always carry clean clothes as this will help improve trust with customers.

“Working on interpersonal qualities”, a salesperson stands out depending on his qualities because if he is a friendly person, easy to deal with, knowledgeable on the subject, neat, orderly and always has a smile on his face, he will allow the client feels much more comfortable and you can thus move on to the work phase or rather the negotiation.

7. Requirements to be a car salesman in a dealership

The requirements requested by a company so that a person can sell cars are quite basic, we leave them below in the form of a list so that you understand them easily:

8. Requirements in documents

  • Identification card.
  • History of previous jobs (curriculum).
  • Valid driver’s license.

9. Personal requirements

  • Interest in cars (allows the seller to always be updated with the information).
  • Skills in customer service and product sales.
  • Good attitude that builds confidence.
  • Negotiation and processing skills.
  • Be polite to customers at all times.
  • Elegant personal presentation.

Car salesman salary – Training and Skills to become a car salesperson

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