How much do hairdressers make?

How much do hairdressers make?

How much do hairdressers make?

Do you want to open your own hairdressing salon? Step by step, we give you all the keys to building a solid project that will last over time. Hairdressers made a median salary of $26,090 in 2019. The best-paid 25 per cent made $36,730 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 per cent made $20,900.

Average Hairdresser Wage UK 2022: According to the latest figures by the Office for National Statistics, hairdressers earn a median wage of £296.50 per week which equals £15,418 per year. The figures included those who work full time include apprentices right through to salon directors.

To practice the profession of the hairdressers, you must hold a diploma such as a Professional hairdressing certificate, a Hairdressing master’s certificate, or any other diploma at an equivalent level registered in the national directory of professional certification in a field similar to hairdressing.


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A hairdresser earns between $1,257 gross and $4246 gross per month in France or an average salary of $2362 gross per month.

Source: FCGA, 2019

How much do hairdressers make?

The hairdresser aims to create the hairstyles expected by his customers, whether brushings, cuts, colouring. The hairdresser must therefore be very skilful to intervene with a pair of scissors as with a hair clipper.

In addition to its traditional activities, the hairdresser offers products to its customers, which allows it to develop its turnover. He is therefore not only a hairstylist, but he also has a commercial flair. Finally, his service offer implies that he also has a sense of listening to communicate with his customers.

What you need to know about the hairdressing profession: studies, development prospects

The profession is achieved through various diplomas ranging from CAP hairdressing to professional bac wig maker-pasticheur or even BM hairdresser. The hairdresser can specialize in colouring or wigs or even combine the dual skills of hairdresser and esthetician. With experience, it is possible to create your hairdressing salon.

How much do hairdressers make at home?

A home hairdresser earns between $665 gross and $2341 gross per month in France or an average of $1368 gross per month.

Source: FCGA, 2019

All about the hairdresser at home

The hairdressing profession at home is a service profession par excellence. Not only does this professional make the hairstyles expected by his clients (brushings, cuts, colouring), but in addition, he provides a simple, local service by going directly to his client’s homes. Like a traditional hairdresser, the at-home hairdresser has great skill with scissors, and he can be daring to showcase the hairstyle of his clients.

What studies to undertake when you want to become a hairdresser at home and what career prospects?

Access to the profession implies obtaining a diploma specializing in hairdressing. It can be a CAP, BEP, bac pro, with a possible specialization in wig or aesthetics. In addition, he generally has a driving license and his means of locomotion, especially if he works in rural areas. With experience, he will be able to complete his service offer.

How much do hairdressers make?

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Do you pay the hairdressers in your hair salon properly?

I have prepared a summary for you on what you need to know about this sometimes thorny subject of the salary of a hairdresser or a hairdresser in 2022. In January 2021, the gross amount of the minimum wage increased by 1.2% (based on the legal working time, i.e. 35 hours per week or 151.67 hours per month), which brought it to € 1,539.42 in 2021. 

And for 2022, what about? 

The Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne, confirmed the increase in the minimum wage for 2021. After the difficult year 2020, it is a minimum increase effective for 2022, with an increase of 0.99% of the minimum wage.

According to this 0.99% revaluation, the gross hourly minimum wage for 2021 increases to 10.25 euros, compared to € 10.15 in 2020, and a gross monthly minimum wage of € 1,554.58, which corresponds to an increase of 15 €. LSCoiffure communicates to you the amount paid to your employees, or for you, employees, what you will receive. Discover the salary of a hairdresser: the 2022 hairdressing salary grid.

Salary grid of a hairdresser or a hairdresser in 2022

Each classification corresponds to a minimum gross remuneration.

For 2022, the revaluation of the minimum wage is only effective for levels 1, 2 and 3, of level 1, which were 1,539.42 euros for the first two and 1,544 euros for level 3.

The conventional minimum wages of employees, relating to jobs in the technical hairdressing sector, are defined as follows:

LevelStepClassification Minimum salary
I1Beginner hairdresser€ 1,554.58
2Hairdresser€ 1,554.58
3Hairdresser confirmed€ 1,554.58
II1Qualified hairdresser€ 1,554.58
or technician€ 1,587
2Highly qualified hairdresseror qualified technician€ 1,699
3Very highly qualified hairdresseror assistant manager or highly qualified technician€ 1,814
III1Manager€ 1,950
2Senior manager€ 2,345
Or network coordinator€ 2,760
3Highly qualified manager€ 2,921
Or confirmed network coordinator€ 2,973

The conventional minimum wages of employees relating to jobs in the non-technical sector of the hairdressing branch, which were below the 2021 minimum wage, are also changing.

CoefficientMinimum salary
100€ 1,554.58
110€ 1,554.58
120€ 1,554.58
130€ 1,577

Apprentice hairdressers and their salary

The wages of apprentices cannot be lower than certain amounts. The amounts applicable since January 1, 2021, depending on the apprentice’s age and experience, are 1 to 3 years. 

A young person’s salary on an apprenticeship contract is calculated based on 151.67 hours, in the same way as an employee. These percentages do not change slightly compared to 2020. Here is the salary scale for apprentice hairdressers  for the year 2021:

First year :

Age– 18 years old18 to 20 years old21 years +
Percentage of minimum wage27%43%53%
Rising€ 419.74€ 668.47€ 823.93

Second year :

Age– 18 years old18 to 20 years old21 years +
Percentage of minimum wage39%51%61%
Rising€ 606.29€ 792.84€ 948.30

Third year :

Age– 18 years old18 to 20 years old21 years +
Percentage of minimum wage55%67%78%
Rising€ 855.02€ 1,041.57€ 1,212.58

For apprentices aged 21 or over, since July 2016, the above percentages apply based on the company’s conventional minimum wage, higher than the minimum wage, if the latter provides for one. These amounts are imposed by regulations and are provided for by article D6222-26 of the Labor Code. An apprentice can take advantage of these provisions if his employer pays him less than the minimum wage.

BP apprentices – professionalization contract

The salary of a young person on a professionalization contract, BP, is calculated according to his level of qualification. If the apprentice already has a baccalaureate level, level IV, the remuneration will not be the same as a lower level (leaving CAP, for example).

A young person’s salary on a professionalization contract is also calculated based on 151.67 hours, in the same way as an employee. 

Below level IV:

Age– 21 years old+21 to 26 years old
Percentage of minimum wage55%70%
Rising€ 855.02€ 1,088.21

Above level IV:

Age– 21 years old21 to 26 years old
Percentage of minimum wage65%80%
Rising€ 1,010.48€ 1,243.66

Hairdressing seniority bonus

The seniority bonus must appear separately on the payslip, failing which it will be considered not to have been paid. The seniority bonus is effective from 5 years in the company and is reassessed every two years. Beyond nine years, it will reassess every three years.This bonus is also due for part-time employees but is paid in proportion to the actual working time (compared to the legal working time).

10 Profitable Hair Salon Business Ideas For Beginners

Have you wondered if there are any hair salon related business ideas you can invest in? The good news is that there are several. Each holds promise for entrepreneurs who are ready to do the job. Here we will discuss these hair salon business ideas.

It will help you find additional areas of interest as they are associated with a hair salon. The hair salon is where people go for a variety of grooming services. Most often, a haircut occurs. Additional services include, among other things, hair and shaving.

So what hair salon business ideas can you use? Many! Please don’t waste time while we provide information on such business opportunities. We are sure you will find them useful. Here’s how to write a business plan for a hair salon.

Most Profitable Hair Salon Business Ideas

While the hairdressing industry is often seen as such, this is not the case. There are different niches in this business that you might be interested in. This section of our article lists and discusses everything that helps inform and further clarify the possible investment opportunities.

Hairdressing salon for children

The children’s barbershop is a niche barbershop to consider. For this to be successful, you need to consider the demographics or makeup of your location. In other words, a baby hair salon will not be as profitable in a place where the population is predominantly aging.

It will work quite well in areas where most young and growing families are found. You should know that your target customers will mostly be children. This category of buyers is energetic and quite hectic. Hence, you will need more patience to cope. It won’t be a problem if you like children.

It is a more common direction and involves the provision of cutting and styling services to a wide range of clients of different age groups. To become a reality, you need to complete the basic training and obtain the appropriate licenses. There may be different requirements in different states. Find out what applies to yours and meet these requirements to get started.

Create a hairdressing training school

It is another hair salon business idea that you can use if you have everything you need. What is needed for skills (both thorny and training) and the necessary certification or license? The potential is enormous as many aspiring hairdressers need your services.

How much do hairdressers make?
How much do hairdressers make?

A hairdressing training school can function in addition to a hairdressing salon or any other hairdressing related business. When you open such a school, your success will depend on your preferred location. Some locations (especially large cities) will naturally attract more customers for your business than others.

Therefore, consider choosing a location where there is an immediate demand for your services. Only then will your business be successful.

Haircut service at home or on wheels

The demand for mobile hairdressing services continues to grow, giving entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to reap the benefits. You don’t have to worry about renting a store where you will be working. On the contrary, you have the freedom to act wherever you are. You need to promote your services and make it easier for customers to access you.

Once you have the basic tools you need, you can work inexpensively while gradually building your business. Hairdressing franchises are available for interested investors. The franchise business model makes it much easier to own your hair salon without facing the hassle of starting one from scratch.Most hair salon franchises are well established with years of growth and experience.

With their experience, you are ready to succeed. The franchise makes sure you get all the support you can get. As an investor, you also have a role to play. Under the franchisor’s terms, all roles will assign to both parties (investor and franchisor).

Development of applications for hairdressing salons

The era of information technology has pushed companies to use various tools to improve their competitiveness.

As an app developer, you can build hair salon apps. The goal should be to make their services much easier and more interesting and increase their overall profitability.

Sale and repair of equipment for hairdressing salons

Selling equipment for hair salons is a big business. As well as repair and maintenance of equipment

This business idea can use if you are good at home improvement. Since barbershops buy equipment such as clippers and sterilisers, either malfunction occurs or immediate replacement is required over time.

Positioning yourself to provide these services is a great way to start a profitable business. As an equipment vendor, you can offer wholesale or retail services or both.

We live in an age where job-sharing has become the norm. In a hairdressing salon, the rent is divided between different operators. It is not uncommon to find hairdressers renting the same salon space as a hairdresser. You can take advantage of this by offering a kiosk rental service.

Some form of differentiation has been introduced for various operators to facilitate their work. It is a special niche that meets the needs of celebrity haircuts. Now, it can be much more difficult to get started than in traditional hair salons. However, the payoff can be huge.

First of all, you need to have everything you need to satisfy your target customers. You need connections to get noticed. Here are some business ideas to try in a hair salon. Each serves a unique category of customers. You need to identify one or more areas in which you think you are the most competent.

How much do hairdressers make?

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