How to become an architect

How to become an architect

How to become an architect

What is an architect, what does he do, and how to become one? Architect conditions, salaries, and job opportunities.

People determine their occupational groups according to their wishes and abilities. One of these professions is architecture. Architecture is one of the professions that many people research today. So what is an Architect, what does he do, and how to become one? What are the requirements, salaries, and job opportunities to become an architect? In our article, we have explained in detail what you wonder about the profession of architecture.

Architecture, which is the most popular profession today, is a department taught in many universities. Certain requirements must fulfill for the architect.

 What is an Architect?

 An architect is responsible for designing a newly constructed building, restoring old buildings, and developing new ways of using existing buildings. Architects take part in construction projects. They take charge of the projects from inception to completion.

 What Does an Architect Do?

 The architect works with three-dimensional thinking ability and creative thoughts. For this reason, it designs new projects, draws drawings, checks, and works as a team. During the construction phase of the projects, they provide materials by quality standards, control compliance with environmental effects, participate in tenders for various projects, and make architects carry out presentations.

 How to Become an Architect

To become an architect, it is necessary to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year Architecture department of universities. If architects want to work in government institutions, they must take the Public Personnel Selection Examination. In addition, not being deprived of public rights and not committing crimes against state security are among the conditions of being an architect.

 What are the Requirements for Being an Architect?

 At the beginning of the requirements to be an architect is to study the 4-year Architecture department. In addition, many qualifications must be present to be an architect. The sought-after qualifications are:

  • Ability to think and create in three dimensions
  • To have an analytical mindset to understand the mechanical systems and the effects of these systems on building operations
  • To have business acumen
  • Ability to use many computer-aided design programs
  • Knowing regulations and quality standards
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing
  • To be able to pay attention to details and have visual awareness

What Are the Duties of the Architect?

 Zoning developers working in government or private institutions have certain duties and responsibilities. These tasks are:

  • Preparing and presenting proposals in building design to customers
  • Drawing building designs by hand and using computer-aided design applications
  • Assess the needs of the building and users
  • Determining the quality of all required materials
  • controlling the project from start to finish
  • Checking the environmental compliance of projects
  • Delivering projects in line with budget and on time
  • Controlling regular fieldwork
  • Collaborating with engineers, construction managers, and architectural technologists, and all other professional teams

What is the Salary of Architects?

One of the most curious subjects about the profession of architecture is the salaries of architects. Architect salaries vary in the public and private sectors. In addition, architectural salaries vary according to the years of work and experience of the people. 

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How to become an architect

The salaries of architects working in government institutions vary between $440 and $514. Beginning architects working in the private sector receive a salary between $250 and $300. Salaries of experienced and successful architects can reach approximately $750.

What are the Job Opportunities for Architects?

 Those who have studied and graduated from the architecture department can work as designers, controllers, and implementers in the project and construction units of the public and private sectors. In addition, architects can take part in many projects in the public and private sectors by establishing their workplaces—another job opportunity for architects in architectural offices.

What do I need to be an architect? Training, requirements, and job opportunities

If you have a passion for construction and design, a career in architecture is likely what you are looking for in your future. If you want, you don’t know much about a career in architecture; you’re in luck because this time we are going to detail this beautiful profession as much as possible:

The architect is a professional generally in charge of designing and projecting structures and buildings previously captured in a plan. 

To be an architect and practice as a professional, you must have certain skills to carry out this career, such as having a sense of aesthetics. Although all the constructions that we see must be functional, they must also have aesthetics and harmony. In addition to creativity, as long as it is linked to the logical and scientific side.

“To become a good architect, it is important to have a lot of concentration and attention to detail, which is what gives the most to all constructions. Otherwise, the end may end up being a disaster,” the architect told in an interview. Luis Espindola.

He added that “another point that I can consider to be one of the most important in this career is learning and having the ability to work as a team. since in this profession you never work alone, imagine, working alone you could not carry out any project, much less one of great magnitude. An architect relates to many other professionals such as designers, builders, engineers, and many others.

Becoming an architect requires education and experience; three degrees are recognized as professional degrees by Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture, and Doctor of Architecture.

Architecture programs last at least five years to complete.

Education in this career consists of general education courses, which include courses in calculus and physics and courses that focus on design, the history of architecture, building materials, construction methods, and building structures. Buildings. 

Like all professions (in this career, it is essential), constant updating is important, so that, “to put together a good resume, you generally have to take several study courses after the career to complete design projects and learn to draw sketches by hand. Hand, create models using computer-aided design and the design and creation of information modeling software, in addition to the trends that emerge over time,” said architect Espindola during the interview.

It would help if you considered that the studies of this career require patience, dedication, and an investment of both time and financial resources, despite studying in a school that is not private.

The cost of the architecture degree 

It has approximately $2,250 per semester, which would equal $4,500 per year approximately (taking into consideration in a regular private university).

Professionals in architecture can work in the private and government sector; they can also have the opportunity to work in a company or on their own or project. The average salary of an architect who works for a company is between $450 and $560.

There are several academic institutions where you can study architecture; among these is the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), considered by the Quacquarelli Symonds as the best university to study this career in the country.

The National Polytechnic Institute, the Autonomous University of Guerrero; the Technological Institute of Tláhuac, the Autonomous University of Chiapas; the Intercontinental University, Universidad del Valle de México, Unitec, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, ITESO, Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad de Monterrey, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.

Training to become an architect

The architect’s job is to design and coordinate the construction of houses, buildings, or public buildings. It is up to him to study the feasibility of a project, create it, have it validated, and ensure the conduct of the work until the last stone is laid and the keys in the hands of the client.

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How to become an architect

A good architect should have a complete profile. He must be a great technician as well as a great artist to carry out a project.

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The profession of architect

The architect can work for different people. An individual, a real estate construction company, or even a local authority can call on him to take care of the design of a building (house, building, public building, etc.).

Once this request is accepted, he takes charge of the project and carries it out. First, he must study its feasibility (can the land accommodate a building? Is the latter technically constructible?) And make a quote to his client. Then, he carries out the construction plans taking into account the client’s requests while adapting them to the criteria that he must respect (legal standards, financial requirements, characteristics of the land, etc.).

Once this first part of the work has been done, and this preliminary project has been validated, he must contact the companies that will be involved in the construction of the building (electricians, masons, painters, plumbers, etc etc.).

Once this step is completed, he can communicate to these customers the final project, the delivery date, and all the details related to the site. He submits the file to the municipality, which will issue him or not the building permit and planning authorizations.

The site can then begin. The architect must ensure its good conduct. He oversees every step and finds quick solutions to every unforeseen event. He links the artisans who carry out the work and the clients for whom he works. Friends, he must ensure that all the work is qualified and attend the handover of the property in the company of the owners.

Am I meant to be an Architect?

This profession requires a complete and versatile profile. You must, above all, master the drawing perfectly (whether artistic or technical). You will work on computers with computer-aided design and drawing software (CAD and CAD).

Friends, you will need to have a perfect knowledge of the architectural history and the architectural style of the region in which you will be working. Indeed, you must construct buildings that blend seamlessly into nature and respect the style of those they were built next to.

You will also need to know real estate law to construct buildings that meet legal standards.

Regarding your temperament, you must be a serious and hard-working person. You must know how to make important decisions and implement them quickly (especially when the last-minute change needs to be made).

In addition, you must enjoy working with other people and be very educational to your clients. They will appreciate your ability to explain and popularize technical terms related to your profession.

Customers invest a lot of money in their real estate projects and need to be able to trust you, from your first stroke of the pencil to handing over the keys to the property.

Where to practice this profession?

You can, like the majority of architects, decide to work in the private sector, and you will work in a private agency ( 70% of architects work in an agency ). You will then be an employee, partner, or even self-employed if you open your agency. It is also possible to work in the public service, but the last recruits very little.

How to become an architect
How to become an architect

Friends, you will need to pass a state architect and urban planner competition. You can then work for condominium associations that sometimes entrust the management of certain buildings to architects specializing in home maintenance. You will intervene in particular when it is necessary to carry out work in the building.

What training should I follow to become an Architect?

Most of the students enrolling in studies to become an architect hold a general baccalaureate, S stream. These studies require significant investment and are known to be difficult.

To become an architect, you will have to go through at least five years of post-baccalaureate studies to obtain a Bac + 5 diploma such as:

  • State Architectural Diploma (DEA). Training to obtain it is provided in 20 schools across the country.
  • Architectural Diploma from the Special Architectural School (ESA) of Paris.
  • Architectural Diploma from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Strasbourg.
  • Master Architect. Taught in many French universities.

The selection to follow one of these three courses is tough. Admission is based on an examination of the file and a competitive examination (written examination, oral interview).

Note that these courses offer a license-type diploma at the end of the 3rd year ( DEEA – Diplôme d’Études en Architecture ). It allows you to work as an employee in agencies and design offices. It can also be used by students wishing to reorient themselves to integrate a master’s degree or another training requiring a bac + 3 levels to be admitted. With the complete training of the Bac + 5 type, it is possible to exercise the profession of salaried architect.

Once you have obtained your Diploma, you can continue for a year to obtain a Bac + 6 with:

  • The Habilitation to the Project Management in its Name (HMONP). This authorization will allow you to practice in private and to register with the Order of Architects, which is impossible with a single Bac + 5.

Two diplomas at Bac + 8 level also exist:

  • The Diploma of Specialization and Deepening in Architecture (DSA). It has four options to specialize in project management, major risks, heritage, or urban projects.
  • The Diploma is specific to Schools of Architecture (DPEA) which allows students to specialize in scenography, design, naval architecture, etc.

Architects tend to find employment quickly after completing their training. 38% of them have a job even before graduating33% find one within three months of graduation, and finally, 85% have a job six months after graduation. Despite the economic crisis, which greatly affects the real estate sector, architects are not suffering from a drop in orders.

We are seeing more and more firms bringing together several professionals who wish to pool their skills and specialties. Another advantage of this new practice is that firms enjoy a reputation more easily than architects who work alone. In terms of prospects for development, an architect can decide to specialize or work in conserving historical monuments, as an expert before the courts or even as a teacher.

What salary is for an architect? 

As a beginner, you can claim a salary of around €2,000 gross per month. Depending on your position and responsibilities, you can expect up to €6,000 at the end of your career.

How to become an architect

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