Industrial Maintenance technician salary

Maintenance technician salary

Industrial Maintenance technician salary

How Much Does a Maintenance and Repair Worker Make? Maintenance and Repair Workers made a median salary of $39,080 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $51,030 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $30,590.

What does a maintenance technician do? A maintenance technician’s job is to repair and maintain the facility they work in, as well as most of the assets found there. In theory, maintenance technicians are responsible for general maintenance tasks that do not require specialized training.

Industrial maintenance technician job sheet

Find all the useful information on this job on the industrial maintenance technician job sheet: Salary, studies, training, role, job description of industrial maintenance technician, the qualities and skills required to work as an industrial maintenance technician. The industrial maintenance technician profession is part of the Industry sector.

The industrial maintenance technician (Rome code F1106) ensures that his company’s equipment is always in working order. He is the guarantor of the smooth running of production. He often works in a team. Compliance with safety standards in the workplace is essential.

Industrial maintenance technician salary

What salary and how much does an Industrial Maintenance Technician earn?

On average, an industrial maintenance technician earns 36,000 euros gross per year in France.

Industrial maintenance technicians work.

Why and how to work as an Industrial Maintenance Technician?


  • The demand for labour in this sector is strong. The nature of the work is respected. Indeed, the industrial maintenance technician is there to solve the problems encountered. It is a little repetitive and varied job.

The lessers

  • The work environment can be noisy. Industrial maintenance technicians can be on call at night and at weekends. It implies interventions at unpleasant times.

Qualities and skills needed.

Qualities and skills
Industrial Maintenance technician salary

What are the qualities and skills needed to be hired as an Industrial Maintenance Technician?

He must be observant and reactive to identify and repair any malfunctions and breakdowns that he may encounter as quickly as possible. It must be organized and rigorous in its prevention and maintenance actions to avoid production interruptions. He must have a perfect technical knowledge of the machines and equipment he is in charge of.

Computer skills are an asset: the industrial maintenance technician can use CMMS (computer-assisted maintenance management) software. He must identify all kinds of breakdowns and provide a quick response in terms of repair. Finally, good interpersonal skills are often required, as industrial maintenance technicians are often in contact with all kinds of the public: listening skills, pedagogy, and patience will be perfect qualities to evolve in this environment.

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Education and Training

What training and how to become an industrial maintenance technician?

There are many training courses to become an industrial maintenance technician. The latter can specialize in hydraulics and electronics (the electronic BTS may prove to be a reasonable route in the latter case). Recognized training courses are, for example, the baccalaureate pro maintenance of industrial equipment or the DUT industrial engineering and maintenance.

Possible evolutions

What to do after Industrial maintenance technician?

An industrial maintenance technician can become a team leader. He can also change departments and move towards production or quality control.

Main employers

Which companies can recruit an Industrial Maintenance Technician?

The industrial maintenance technician is likely to intervene in various sectors of activity; these employers can therefore come from electronics, industry (automobile or rail, for example) or even the aeronautical sector.


What diplomas are needed to become an industrial maintenance technician?

The following diplomas will allow you to move towards the profession of industrial maintenance technician:

  • The DUT Industrial Engineering and Maintenance
  • A BTS Industrial Maintenance
  • The BTS Industrial Control and Regulation of Automation
  • The BTS in Industrial Mechanics and Automation

A qualifying training of a few months can also allow you to obtain a professional title.


Industrial Maintenance technician salary
Industrial Maintenance technician salary

What missions can you carry out as an industrial maintenance technician?

The main tasks of the industrial maintenance technician are as follows:

  • Repair breakdowns and malfunctions: it operates when a company’s equipment breaks down. Each intervention is urgent. The goal is to minimize interruptions on the production line.
  • Carry out preventive operations: he must avoid possible breakdowns or malfunctions by carrying out preventive actions on the production chain. He supervises the equipment and maintains the machines.
  • Improve performance: its actions may aim to increase the efficiency of machines and equipment. These must be in perfect working order at all times.

Maintenance technician salary

If the most logical path to the profession of a maintenance technician is the baccalaureate pro and the BTS “Industrial maintenance”, there are other possible paths.

Bac level: a Bac Pro “Electrotechnics, energy and communicating equipment” or a technological Bac STI is specializing in “electrotechnical engineering” is possible.

At the Bac +2 level, it is possible to integrate a DUT “Industrial engineering and maintenance” or, in a more specialized field, a BTS “Mechanics and industrial automation” or a DUT “Electrical engineering and industrial IT” and obtain than the technician position.


The maintenance technician, at his beginnings, earns 1,500 € net per month. To this can be added the basket premium of up to € 9 or € 10 net per day. Its allocation and amount depend on the employer, the distance from the site and the region to which it is attached.

With the experience of ten years, the technician can claim a net monthly salary of € 2,000. On this net salary, without counting a possible thirteenth month, bonuses, or reimbursements, it is necessary to provide for the levy of 2.5% corresponding to the withholding tax (Of the tax implemented in 2019). This percentage is given as an indication for a single employee without dependent children.

Average salary for the Industrial Maintenance Technician profession in Canada

Average wages by province: The average salary for the Industrial Maintenance Technician occupation in Canada is $ 47,303. It varies according to the number of years of experience and according to the companies.

Alberta$ 41,589
British Columbia$ 58,497
Prince Edward Island$ 67,754
Manitoba$ 44,321
New Brunswick$ 65,756
Industrial Maintenance technician salary
New Scotland$ 64,981
Nunavut$ 72,280
Ontario$ 45,858
Quebec$ 40,858
Saskatchewan$ 39,773
Industrial Maintenance technician salary
Newfoundland and Labrador$ 67,803
Yukon Territory$ 37,440
Northwest Territories$ 48,484
Industrial Maintenance technician salary

Salary negotiation

When negotiating salary with your future employer, certain elements can justify a level of skills giving access to a payslip that is more generous than the average. In particular, you can rely on the following arguments:

  • construction experience on behalf of a large brand or internationally;
  • obtaining a construction engineering degree or specialized university experience;
  • know-how on:
    • planning and construction methods;
    • project management;
    • equipment and materials.
  • knowledge of construction regulations;
  • knowledge of professional software (simulation and design);
  • proficiency in technical English.

Career development

The seasoned maintenance technician can then consider a team leader position for € 30,600 gross per year or of quality or manufacturing manager.

Maintenance technician salary by level of experience

level of experienceGross annual salaryNet monthly salary before taxesNet monthly salary after tax **
BEGINNER€ 24,000€ 1,540€ 1,517
1 TO 3 YEARS€ 24,000€ 1,540€ 1,517
FROM 3 TO 5 YEARS€ 26,400€ 1,694€ 1,635
FROM 5 TO 10 YEARS€ 28,800€ 1,848€ 1,765
MORE THAN 10 YEARS€ 32,424€ 2,081€ 1,924
Industrial Maintenance technician salary

Maintenance technician salary by region (gross annual)

RegionGross annual salaryNet monthly salary before taxesNet monthly salary after tax **
ILE-DE-FRANCE€ 33,600€ 2,156€ 1,994
NORTH€ 28,800€ 1,8481765 €
GREAT WEST€ 28,800€ 1,8481765 €
GREAT EAST€ 28,800€ 1,8481765 €
SOUTH WEST€ 28,800€ 1,8481765 €
SOUTH EAST€ 30,720€ 1,971€ 1,853
Industrial Maintenance technician salary
  1. The data for the 2021 edition of construction salaries are taken from job offers published on Batiactu Emploi or communicated by recruiters in the building, construction and real estate sector.
  2. The net salary is calculated for a single person after payment of withholding tax on the basis of the neutral rate. Your tax rate may fluctuate depending on transport and lunch reimbursements, possible 13th month, bonuses, the number of people in your household.

Industrial Maintenance technician salary

The main missions of the maintenance technician (M/F) 

He installs, controls, maintains, regulates, cleans, and repairs the machines he is responsible for. The maintenance technician must check them regularly to ensure that they are operating correctly, prevent possible incidents, and implement compliance standards: quality, safety, and environment.

Several training courses allow you to access this profession. 

Professional bac: Maintenance of industrial equipment, or Electrical engineering, or Energy, or Communicating equipment 

BTS: Industrial maintenance, or Electrical engineering, or Industrial mechanics and automation, or Electronics …

DUT: Industrial engineering and maintenance, Electrical engineering and industrial IT, or Communication services and networks …

Professional license: Maintenance or Computer systems and software 

Professional qualification certificate: Maintenance technician


Beginner: from 2000 € gross per month

Experienced: from 2400 € gross per month

This information is indicative, and the Maintenance technician salary depends mainly on the host company.

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