Middle school teachers salary in The USA 2022

Middle school teachers salary

Middle school teachers salary in The USA 2022

College students considering a career in pedagogy often wonder, “How much do teachers make?” Teacher salaries have become a controversial issue in Latin America.

Teachers have been paid notoriously low salaries and underestimated for decades. There is a misconception that teachers have short work hours and a lot of vacation time. In reality, teachers spend many hours outside of the six-hour school day planning lessons and meeting parents.

Teachers are also responsible for equipping their classrooms with expensive school supplies. According to  Education Week, Americans believe that teachers are underpaid with an average annual salary of $ 7,500.

Teachers generally earn less than college graduates in other professional industries. This article identifies average teacher salaries and explores the various factors that affect teacher salaries.

How Much Does a Middle School Teacher Make? Middle School Teachers made a median salary of $59,660 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $76,430 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $47,850.

Table of Contents

  • Teacher salaries by grade level
  • Teachers salary by work environment
  • The Teachers salary by subject area
  • Teachers salary by region
  • Teachers’ salaries by educational title
  • The Teachers salary by level of experience
    • How do teachers’ salaries compare to those of other school personnel?
  • How does the salary of teachers in the US compare to foreign countries?
  • What it takes to become a licensed teacher
    • Hidden costs of having a teaching job
    • Job outlook for teachers

Teacher salaries by grade level

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates a median annual salary of $ 50,790 for all educational occupations. That’s higher than the US median yearly salary of $ 39,810. However, teacher salaries vary greatly depending on the grade level being taught.

Elementary school teachers have a median salary of $ 59,420. Middle or high school teachers report a median income of $ 59,660. High school teachers bring home an average salary of $ 61,660 a year.

GED and adult literacy teachers earn average earnings of $ 54,350. Career and technical education teachers have a median annual income of $ 58,110.

Teachers salary by the work environment
Middle school teachers salary

Vocational education teachers in high schools receive an average compensation of $ 56,630. Preschool teachers have the lowest teaching salaries averaging $ 30,520. College professors have the highest teaching salaries, with an average of $ 79,540. As a general rule,

Teachers salary by the work environment

Answering how much teachers earn requires considering where teachers can work. Different types of schools have other salary structures for their teaching staff. For example, elementary and high schools have a standard annual mean salary of $ 63,980.

Teachers employed by religious entities, including parochial schools, earn $ 52,380 on average. Daycare teachers have median annual incomes of $ 34,950. Teachers employed by local government agencies report a median salary of $ 64,340.

Teachers working in social advocacy organizations receive an average annual paycheck of $ 59,330. The median income for teachers in educational support service centers is $ 49,590. Colleges and universities present a median teacher salary of $ 75,750. Technical trade schools offer a median salary of $ 57,680.

Teachers salary by subject area

The United States Department of Labor does not collect data on PreK-12 teacher salaries in different subject areas. An exception is for special education teachers who earn an average annual compensation of $ 61,030.

However, prospective teachers can guess which academic subjects pay the most. High-need scarcity areas, including math, science, and foreign language, are the most lucrative.

Teachers can also predict the highest paying subjects by looking at salary figures for college professors. Postsecondary English teachers receive a median annual salary of $ 80,180. History teachers report a median income of $ 84,210.

Art teachers receive a median income of $ 82,360. Physical education teachers earn a median salary of $ 73,720. Life sciences teachers earn an average pay of $ 98,700. Engineering professors receive a median salary of $ 110,040.

College health professors have a median salary of $ 121,620. Law professors have the highest average at $ 129,950. STEM and career subjects are more profitable than liberal arts.

Teachers salary by region

The  National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)  shows teacher salaries in all 50 states. The median salary for database teachers is $ 58,950 per year.

The top three highest-paying states for teachers are New York, California, and Massachusetts. Their average teacher salaries are $ 79,637, $ 78,711, and $ 77,804 respectively.

Connecticut ranks fourth with a median teacher income of $ 72,561. New Jersey ranks fifth with median teacher earnings of $ 69,623. Alaska surprisingly also has one of the highest teacher salaries at $ 68,138.

On the other hand, the three lowest teacher salaries are found in South Dakota, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. The median salary for their teachers is $ 42,668, $ 42,925, and $ 45,245 respectively.

West Virginia is the fourth-lowest paid state at $ 45,701. Colorado ranks fifth with a median salary of $ 46,506. The Midwest and South typically pay less than the Northeast and West.

In addition to by the state, the Bureau of Labor Statistics records which US cities best compensate teachers. Bakersfield, California, is the highest-paying metropolitan area with an average teacher salary of $ 97,680.

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Fresno and San Francisco are close behind with $ 93,410 and $ 93,350, respectively. New York City gives its 72,360 high school teachers $ 90,050 on average. Kingston, New York, has the highest-paid elementary school teachers earning $ 92,090. Riverside and San Bernardino have 22,860 teachers in grades K-6 who earn an average of $ 90,270.

Los Angeles is a well-paying metropolitan area with a median income of $ 87,120. Cities populated with the most students to teach often offer the best salary prospects. However, certain suburban and rural areas also rank well. The Connecticut nonmetropolitan area has a median annual salary of $ 77,850 for teachers.

Teachers’ salaries by educational title

Friends, teachers bring a host of different skills, backgrounds, and titles to their classrooms. Teachers’ salaries can be significantly affected by the academic record of the professional.

Teachers with more advanced degrees can negotiate better contracts with higher salaries and benefits. The US Department of Labor records averages weekly earnings of $ 836 with an associate’s degree.

At the undergraduate level, the average weekly income is $ 1,173. Master’s graduates have a median weekly salary of $ 1,401. PhDs earn the highest weekly average of $ 1,743. The educational achievement also helps increase a teacher’s salary. The National Council for Teacher Quality (NCTQ) found that 88% of K-12 school districts increase to pay for masters. Teacher starting salaries for master’s graduates are $ 2,760 more on average. In five years, the annual master’s salary increase expands to $ 7,358.

Teachers salary by the level of experience

Bright-eyed young teachers who recently completed their college degrees start at the bottom rung of the pay scale. Teachers’ salaries tend to increase gradually with promotions as educators gain more experience.

The National Education Association (NEA) lists a national average salary of $ 39,249 for new teachers. The District of Columbia has the highest median starting salary of $ 55,209. New York ranks second with a median starting salary of $ 51,443. California has the third-best median salary of $ 46,992 for new teachers.

The worst states for beginning teachers are Montana and Missouri at $ 31,418 and $ 32,226, respectively. At that rate, teachers with dependent children can fall below the poverty line.

In contrast, teachers with years of experience in education can earn six figures. The BLS shows that the top 10% of teachers bring home more than $ 99,660 each year.

Full college professors can receive $ 179,230 or more. Average base salaries for teachers with more than 20 years of experience reach $ 85,460.

How do teachers’ salaries compare to those of other school personnel?

Teachers are just one component of the active school community. How does the salary of teachers compare to the salaries of other non-teaching personnel?

The United States Department of Labor estimates a median annual income of $ 61,920 for library media specialists. Instructional coordinators earn an average salary of $ 69,180. Teaching assistants have an average salary of $ 30,280.

Substitute teachers receive compensation of $ 32,460 on average. English as a Second Language instructor earns an annual average salary of $ 58,980. School social workers report a median salary of $ 51,030. 

Guidance counselors have median incomes of $ 61,000.

School psychologists earn a median salary of $ 87,450. Speech-language pathologists have a median salary of $ 82,000. Education administrators in K-12 schools earn a median income of $ 100,340.

How does the salary of teachers in the US compare to foreign countries?

Graduates of America’s teacher preparation programs sometimes head abroad. Teaching abroad can provide a higher or lower salary depending on the country.

Business Insider declared the United States the seventh-best country for teacher funding. Which country leads the top 10 countries for teachers? Luxembourg has the highest median salary of $ 124,000 for veteran teachers. Switzerland has a higher teacher pay scale of $ 86,000.

teaching earning
Middle school teachers salary

Korea ranks third with a potential teacher salary of $ 85,000. Germany and Austria finish in the top five paying countries at $ 75,000 and $ 74,000 respectively.

Based on salary, the Slovak Republic is the worst nation for teachers who earn $ 22,000 on average. His neighbor, the Czech Republic, has an equally bad median salary of $ 25,000 as a teacher. Poland and Hungary share third place with a median income of $ 27,000.

What it takes to become a licensed teacher

Teachers must have at least a bachelor’s degree. The subject in which teachers earn a bachelor’s degree depends on the state. Generally, elementary school teachers specialize in education or child psychology.

Middle and high school teachers specialize in the content area in which they will teach. Secondary teachers state that an education minor must take additional teacher preparation courses.

In completing the course curriculum, aspiring teachers are required to spend time in the classroom under the instruction of an established teacher. Student teaching semesters last 14-16 weeks with accurate PreK-12 classroom placements.

Passing all fieldwork requirements with satisfactory supervisor qualifications qualifies students for graduation. If you plan to teach in public schools, postgraduates must be certified and licensed in the state where they will lead.

The US  Department of Education has a directory for finding certification requirements by state. The checklist he uses includes passing academic skills and subject-specific praxis tests.

So how much does it cost to become a teacher? The NCES reports that the average cost of attendance for full-time college students is $ 23,091 per year. All four-year institutions have a median annual price of $ 26,593 for tuition and fees, plus room and board.

Middle school teachers salary in The USA

Public universities in the state are charged just under $ 19,488 on average. Median annual attendance expenses are $ 41,468 at private non-profit and for-profit colleges. The intermediate-term for completion of the bachelor’s degree is currently 5.2 years.

Prospective educators can spend up to 160 months completing a part-time bachelor’s program. Reaching the 120 credit mark takes a minimum of four years, with student instruction included. Therefore, the total average cost of preparing for a bachelor’s degree is $ 92,364.

At private universities, a four-year education can easily top $ 165,872. Students incur an average student loan debt of $ 31,172. America has a massive $ 1.6 trillion student loan crisis. Repaying borrowed loans can be difficult when they add up to more than the teacher’s starting salary.

Earning the highest teaching salaries may require attending graduate school. Certain states, such as New York and Maryland, require a master’s degree for an advanced license in five years.

Master’s degrees, such as the Master of Education or the Master of Teaching, might be required for specialized niches. For example, reading specialists need additional support from K-12 at the master’s level to run literacy programs.

Master’s programs qualify teachers to progress in administrative roles such as principal and superintendent as well. Doctorates in education are generally only required for higher education professors. Earn a Ph.D. or Ed.D. The degree takes three to four years beyond 30-48 master’s credits. Paying for master’s or doctorate tuition is difficult with a tight teacher salary.

Hidden costs of having a teaching job

The average salary of a teacher does not take into account how much teachers spend out of pocket. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) found that 95.1% of teachers pay for their supplies. Teachers shell out cash from their already modest paychecks to buy pencils, notebooks, binders, posters, and more.

The school district does not reimburse many teachers for their purchases. Educators in America’s public schools spend $ 459 on average on supplies. Median out-of-pocket costs for supplies range from $ 327 to $ 664 per state.

Total classroom spending by teachers exceeds $ 1 trillion annually. Additionally, teachers must pay fees for licensing exams and recertification forms.

Each Praxis Core test is worth $ 90. Membership fees for teacher organizations like Kappa Delta Pi cost $ 50 or more each year. Like the $ 617 Association for Curriculum Development and Oversight Conference, attending teacher conferences also costs a penny.

The job outlook for teachers

Job opportunities for teachers are expected to increase by 5% through 2028. This rate of job growth is on par with other non-teaching occupations.

The number of new educational jobs will increase by 512,900. Secondary teachers will see 38,200 new positions. Around 53,100 jobs will create in primary education. America will see 21,400 more teaching jobs in high school.

Middle school teachers salary in The USA
Middle school teachers salary in The USA

Professional and technical educators should prepare for a decrease of 1,800 jobs. The demand for preschool teachers will stimulate 36,900 new jobs with the lowest teacher salaries. Special education teachers can expect a 13,600 hiring increase.

Post-secondary education teachers have the highest teacher salaries and the best 10-year prospects for 155,000 new teaching positions. School principals will compete for 11,200 new jobs established by 2028.

Teacher job growth will be driven by declining student-teacher ratios and many existing teachers leaving the profession. The average American teacher is 42.4 years old. 30% of teachers are over 50 and are retiring.

Middle school teachers salary in The USA

CNBC found that 61% of teachers considered changing careers. Teaching is a stressful and challenging job in which professionals regularly burn out.

Teachers can become discouraged by inadequate salaries and benefits, as well as a lack of recognition. Resignations leave openings for enthusiastic new teachers to get hooked.

The growth of teaching jobs will be primarily regional. Many new opportunities are expected in the South and Midwest. Teachers can quickly find employment in subjects where there is a shortage. Qualified teachers are needed in high-need fields such as bilingual education, special education, English language acquisition, and STEM education.

College students who love helping children or teens and who are willing to work hard should consider teaching.

Will the average teacher salary increase?

The Washington Post reported that teachers earn less than 60% of what similarly educated professionals to do.

However, recent teacher strikes and protests over unfair wages have started to bring about change. Activism during the Red for Ed movement caused the salary of American teachers to rise to $ 61,730.

For example, teachers in Denver received a 15.7% salary increase for 2019-20. However, the League of Education Voters Foundation found that only 56 of the 295 special school districts got a pay increase of more than 4%.

It remains to make progress and get adequate compensation for hard-working teachers. While there are regions and grade levels where pay is low, teaching can be a very lucrative field.

There is a wide range for the average annual salary of teachers. The highest-paying jobs are usually for teachers with advanced degrees and experience.

Middle school teachers salary in The USA

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