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What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States?

What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States?

What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States?

If your financial life is beginning and you are thinking about applying for a credit card, congratulations! Taking the first step in building your profile and adding points to your credit rating is a good decision. This path may be difficult since banks do not usually approve lines or credit cards to people who do not have a credit history, but it is not an impossible mission. That is why it is good to know the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States.

Even consumers who find themselves in a precarious situation (because their credit rating is not as good as they would like) can take advantage of these tips, as they will help them determine which are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States. This way, they will have a second chance to improve their score and – hopefully – they will be able to benefit from some rewards.

Are you interested in this information? So, let’s get started with the guide! We’ve put together everything you need to know to apply for a new credit card and get it approved.

Considerations before applying for a credit card

Before going to the bank and asking for the credit card of your choice, you need to know your current financial situation, as this will help you see how financial institutions will see you when you apply. To do this, it will be enough for you to follow the following steps:

Know your credit score

Checking your credit score today will let you know where you start from. Knowing your score will also help you put into practice some tips to build your credit for the first time or improve it if you have a terrible score. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay to access this information.

You can find out your credit score through Credit Karma or Credit Sesame without having to pay a penny. Another free option is to use the Discover verification tool – which is open to both clients and the general public – or the Chase (Chase Credit Journey).

If you prefer, you can also choose to request your credit score for free in any of the bureaus in the country: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. But remember: this option only allows you to access one free copy per year, so you may prefer to save it for later.

Once you have determined your credit rating, you will know which cards from our list are the most appropriate for your profile

Check if you have any prequalification or prior approval.

Many credit card issuers offer prequalification or pre-approval options on their web pages. It is an excellent opportunity to find out how desirable you are as a customer and – best of all – you can take advantage of it without even leaving your home! To do this, you will only have to enter your information into the system, and the bank will indicate if it has any offer available for you.

 credit cards to get in the United States
credit cards to get in the United States

The best part about opting for pre-approval or prequalification is that it won’t affect your credit score with a hard inquiry or review, as the institution will not conduct a thorough investigation of your financial profile. Of course, this will not give you any guarantee of approval, but it will increase your options.

In the concise term, several exhaustive reviews of your history can affect your credit score. The official portal in Spanish offers an excellent summary of credit reports and scores.

Check if you have pending offers.

Enter your email and check any credit card offer waiting for you. Many companies send communications – via postal or electronic mail – to win new customers. If you can’t find any, don’t despair! You still have an alternative to exploring.

Tools like Card Match will let you know if you have any pending credit card offerThe good thing about using tools like this is that they will not affect your score, and they will help you know if there is a card that is better for you, in addition to the ones that we will indicate on our list.

What to do before applying for a credit card?

Let’s recap. Before completing and submitting a formal credit card application – an action that could negatively affect your score – be sure to review:

  • What is your current credit score? If you already have credit, but it is awful, you might consider repairing your credit.
  • If you have pending offers in your email or by post. To do this, use a safe, reliable, and accessible tool.
  • If the bank has already previously approved you for a card or if you have the option of entering your information on the issuing bank’s website to obtain prequalification.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Why Good Credit Is Important (And How It Affects You)

Having bad credit – or not having it – could affect your daily life in several ways. Let’s see the most common:

  • Difficulties in securing a mobile phone.
  • Problems qualifying for a specific job position.
  • Higher insurance premiums, depending on the state of the USA.
  • Renting an apartment or buying a house could be a difficult task.
  • You will not be able to finance the purchase of your vehicle or personal access loans.
  • Higher APRs on credit cards, loans, and other similar financial instruments.
  • Difficulties in contracting a public service in your name or a higher deposit requirement.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

As you can see, having bad credit could make your life much more complex, and these are just some examples. And although there will always be ways to access personal credit, cards or car loans – even with poor credit – the approval rate will be much lower and the interests, on the contrary, much higher.

However, all is not lost! There are opportunities out there to improve your record, regardless of your credit history. It is typical for unforeseen events that get out of hand when you are a consumer. Making mistakes – like falling into default or skipping one of your monthly mortgage payments – is expected. You are human, and you will not be the first or the only one to be harmed by an unfavourable financial situation.

Just as people who are just starting their credit life can achieve a good score, you also have the opportunity to improve it! You have to get your finances in order and practice a good action plan.

What is good credit, and how many points are you considered bad credit?

Before we talk about what is considered a good or bad credit score, let’s take a stop at how bureaus work. In the United States, three credit bureaus are the main ones. Most banks, lenders, and service providers usually report their clients’ payments, defaults, and arrears: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian

Credit card issuers use one or more of these agencies to determine your financial strength. To do this, they request a credit report – which will often leave a hard inquiry note on your profile – that will help them decide whether or not your request should approve.

Now, each agency has its percentiles, which means that the definitions of good or bad credit will depend on the calculations and formulas they use. However, the scale of points generally ranges from 300 to 850.


Experian gives a score of 300-579 to the credits that it considers deficient, while to the fair credits, it identifies them with a score that varies from 580 to 669. In the case of Equifax, good credit scores are 700-749, and those above 750 are considered excellent.

Do you want to know how good your credit is compared to the average? Experian conducted a study that states that 66% of Americans have a good Fico Score and even a higher score. Let’s examine the data the report collects:

  • 16% of Americans have abysmal credit (300-579).
  • 18% of Americans have insufficient credit (580-669).
  • 21% of Americans have good credit (670-739).
  • 25% of Americans have a perfect score (740-799).
  • 20% of Americans have excellent credit (800-850).
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

These data will help you determine how good -or wrong- your credit is and, of course, will help you take steps to build or repair it.

What credit card should you apply for according to your credit rating?

Even secured cards, which are often the most accessible type of credit card to obtain in the US, often have specific approval requirements that make it difficult for someone with an open tax lien or recent bankruptcy to qualify.

However, some credit cards are much easier to approve than others. You will certainly have many options to consider, from cards without a credit check, whose primary requirement is that your monthly income exceeds your expenses, to credit cards with very lenient standards about the attractive terms they offer.

If you want to become independent in the future, rent an apartment, buy a house, finance the purchase of your vehicle and hire a good mobile phone plan – in addition to obtaining insurance subject to affordable premiums – you need good credit! Opting for a card and managing it will help you in this task :

  • If you don’t have credit, start with a student credit card, a secured credit card, or a line of credit. Below you will find more detailed information on each of these options.
  • If you have bad credit, decide to repair it and improve your financial practices. The best alternatives in terms of recognition for you are loyalty credit cards, secured credit cards or acquiring a loan.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

In its section Information for Consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC or Federal Trade Commission) shows us how to obtain access to our report and credit score. This way, you can check your latest credit score for free to better understand ​​which cards to choose.

List of the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

To help you build or improve your credit, we have selected the most accessible credit cards to obtain in the country. To do this, we only consider quickly approved cards that offer benefits, be it a points or rewards program, cashback, or the opportunity to qualify for another card in the future.

Some of them will only allow you to rebuild your credit history. But let’s face it! They are an option worth exploring:

  1. OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card (no credit check required)
What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States?

The OpenSky Secured Visa credit card could not be missing from our list since it is perfect for accumulating points in your score, especially if you do not have the credit or your score is poor. Let’s see what it offers:

  • No credit check is required.
  • It is not subject to an activation fee.
  • The interest rate is a variable APR of 17.39%.
  • The APR for cash advances is also 17.39%.
  • The movements will report monthly to the three leading credit agencies in the country.
  • The customer chooses the credit limit. It can be as low as $ 200 and tied to a security or guarantee deposit.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

In addition, it has attractive rates, compared to other similar instruments:

  • $ 35 annual fee.
  • $ 25 fee for returned payments.
  • 3% for transactions abroad.
  • Up to $ 38 late fee.
  • $ 6 or 5% for cash advance charges (whichever is higher).
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

2. Capital One Platinum Credit Card (for credit scores of 580+)

capitalone platinum

The Capital One Platinum card may not be a rewards card. However, it is a great alternative to build or improve your credit since it has a high approval rate. Let’s see what else it offers:

  • $ 0 annual fee is perfect because it will save you $ 30- $ 40 compared to others.
  • After making 5 consecutive monthly payments before maturity, you will have access to a higher line of credit.
  • Since it starts at 580 or more credit score points for approval, it is ideal for people with no or poor credit ratings.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card (for 580+ credit scores)

In addition to offering consumers a 1.5% cashback on every purchase, this Capital One credit card:

  • It is subject to an annual fee of $ 39.
  • Provides access to a higher line of credit after taking 5 steps per month on time and continuously.
  • It does not focus on credit checking. Even people with no history or with a low rating can access it.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

3. Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card (for credit scores of 670+)

venture one

You don’t need an excellent credit rating to start earning transferable rewards, and the Capital One VentureOne Rewards credit card is proof of that. The miles on this card can claim on any of the 12 partner airlines:

  • $ 0 annual fee.
  • 1.25X miles for each purchase.
  • 0% starting APR for purchases for one year. After this term, the APR will be from 14.49% to 24.49%.
  • Sign-up bonus of 20,000 miles – valued at $ 200 – as long as you make $ 1,000 in purchases within three months of opening the account.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

To this, you can add another juicy benefit: 1.25 miles for each purchase with no annual fee. Without a doubt, this card has become an essential acquisition for travel lovers.

What are the best business credit cards with almost immediate approval?

Selecting a business credit card – that is, for companies – that has easy access offers an additional benefit, which is summarized in handsome rewards. And yes, you may need a good credit rating to apply for this type of card, but there are some options available for those with a very fair credit score, such as Capital One:

Credit cardBenefits and information
Capital One Spark Classic for BusinessFor credit scores of 580+1% cash back on home purchaseNo annual fee ($ 0)
Capital One Spark Cash Select for BusinessFor credit scores of 670+1.5% cash back on every purchaseNo annual fee ($ 0)
Capital One Spark Miles Select for BusinessFor credit scores of 670+1.5 miles per dollar spentNo annual fee ($ 0)
What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States?

Although these alternatives are not subject to charging an annual fee, nothing prevents you from applying for a credit card that has one since the benefits could be better for your company. For example, if your company spends about $ 50,000 a year, the net earnings on the Spark Cash Card – which offers a 2% cash back – would be $ 905, even with a $ 95 annual fee. On the other hand, if you decide on the Spark Cash Select card – which does not charge annual fees – you will only get a refund of $ 750.

Tip: When looking for a credit card that is easy to obtain, you will notice that Capital One is one of the most flexible issuers. They offer alternatives with quite attractive rewards programs. If you wish, you can access a prequalification to see if any of these cards fit your profile.

Top easy-to-get student credit cards and their benefits

Student credit cards have a huge advantage: they can be easily applied for through collateral or even with a short credit life. The best? These types of cards are not subject to an annual fee.

Let’s examine the best options:

Chase Freedom Student Card (no credit check)

Chase Bank has an ideal student offer for any young person. The Chase Freedom student card has the following characteristics:

  • $ 0 annual fee.
  • Welcome bonus when you reach a minimum limit on expenses or purchases.
  • 1% unlimited cash back that is, on all purchases.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Capital One Journey Student Rewards card (for credit scores of 580 or higher)

Again, Capital One acquires a commitment to consumers with an exciting offer for students:

  • 1% cashback on all purchases.
  • The refund percentage will increase to 1.25% once you make several payments on time.

Relevant information: Generally, you need to be a student to apply for a student credit card. However, the Capital One Journey Students Rewards card accepts applications from people who are not currently studying.

Discover it® Chrome for students

The Discover it® Student Chrome card is specifically geared towards college students, and you do not need to have prior credit experience to be approved for this card.

  • Cashback or “cashback” of 1 to 2% on purchases
  • Double the amount of your first year returns as an anniversary gift.
  • $ 0 annual fee.
  • Rewards for good academic performance: $ 20 credit on the statement each school year; your GPA must be 3.0 or higher for the next 5 years.
  • The Freeze It® service has an on / off switch for your account.
  • If that were not enough, you would have a 0% initial APR on purchases for 6 months, then the standard variable APR for purchases of 14.49% – 23.49% will apply.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

What about secured credit cards? Get to know the best!

If none of the credit cards on the list have completely sold you, it might be a good idea to take a look at the secured or guaranteed cards. Why? Because these financial instruments have been designed for people with no history or a lower rating than desired.

Secured credit cards work because they work with a security deposit and, although they do not have a very high credit limit, they are a great alternative to access better ones in the future. According to our analysis, the best-secured card currently is the Mastercard Capital One Secured.

Capital One Secured Mastercard (no credit history)

The Capital One Secured Mastercard and many other secured credit cards report consumer payments to the top three credit bureaus in the country. It will allow you to build your credit from scratch, as long as you manage the credit line offered by the bank very well. Let’s review some of its benefits:

  • It is not subject to annual fees ($ 0).
  • Offers access to all Mastercard benefits
  • Report payments to Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.
  • The security deposit is flexible: $ 49, $ 99 or $ 200, maximum.
  • It will give you access to a higher credit limit after the first 5 consecutive payments on time. (You do not need to make an additional security deposit)
  • You will be able to deposit more money to your bank account to increase the credit line with ease.
  • The initial credit limit is $ 200 maximum, as long as the security deposit is equal to or more significant.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard

Mastercard’s First Progress Platinum Elite has some of the lowest approval requirements among secured cards, based on extensive benchmarking and review. 

So if you’re worried about being rejected for a random new credit card, its $ 29 annual fee shouldn’t scare you.

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Additional Information

  • First Progress Platinum Elite does not require a credit history or a minimum credit score for approval.
  • It is a secured Mastercard® Platinum credit card with all its benefits.
  • Quick application and entirely online. 
  • Receive your card faster with the new expedited processing option.
  • It is ideal for car rental, hotel reservations, anywhere Mastercard credit cards are accepted. 
  • It is reported monthly to the 3 major credit bureaus to establish a credit history quickly.
  • The credit line is secured by your fully-refundable deposit from the US $ 200 to the US $ 2,000 that you must consign with the application.
  • Online access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You will be able to subscribe to NationWide plans and programs for most states.
  • You can apply in a few steps without negatively impacting your credit score; since no credit inquiries will be recorded in your history.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Department store credit cards are easy to get in the USA.

Store credit cards – also known as loyalty credit cards – are designed to reward the loyalty of your frequent customers, encourage additional purchases, and of course, generate extra income for the issuer. 

These cards are ubiquitous in the United States. When leaving your favourite store, an employee may have asked you if you want to save 10% on your purchase or if you are going to pay with your “X” card. Let’s see some of the characteristics of this type of card:

  • Some businesses don’t even check your credit score.
  • They offer rewards, such as points redeemable for products or services.
  • Its approval is usually instantaneous or through too short a process.
  • They give trade discounts or access to special offers for frequent customers.
  • They help build credit from scratch because issuers report payments to the main bureaus in the country.
  • The approval chances are pretty high as they are designed for clients with low or fair credit scores.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Check which credit cards are offered in your preferred stores and their requirements. The RedCard Target is one of the most popular, but there are many others. 

Remember: Although the approval rate is high for business credit cards, they often have high APR. Therefore, it is best to request one or more and use them only to take advantage of an offer or refund. Make sure you always pay them on time and don’t buy more than your budget allows. Otherwise, your credit score will suffer.

Do you want to build credit? Self, the alternative to cards in the USA

If you want to access credit safely and without affecting your history -at least not negatively- Self could be the ideal option. What was previously known as Self Lander -and today, as Self- is, essentially, a guaranteed loan that will not generate a hard inquiry on your credit score, but that does report you’re good behaviour as a debtor so that your score scores is raised. Is that how it works:

  • You can apply for a loan without having a hard inquiry mark in your score, which is the one that reduces the score.
  • Once the loan is approved, the money will be deposited as an escrow certificate.
  • Payments are sent every month, and you can schedule them so you don’t miss any of the fees.
  • It works like a line of credit since all the payments you make will be counted against the available balance, just like with a credit card.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Of course: The loan is subject to interest. But the benefits are that you don’t need a security deposit. Also, the company will not thoroughly examine your credit history to consider loan approval.

What are the following steps to take? Apply for credit cards with rewards!

If you have already started building your credit or improving it, you are ready for the next step! And, if you have managed your initial credit card responsibly, you will be able to access a card with premium rewards.

The following options on the list are perfect for doing this, as they require a rating that ranges from good to excellent:

American Express Gold Card

This alternative is perfect for those who spend a good part of their budget in supermarkets and restaurants. In addition, the American Express Gold Card works very well as a travel rewards card and maximizes the benefits of purchasing airline tickets. Additionally, it will give you access to the help of the American Express Travel program.

  • Earn 35,000 points in the Membership Rewards program by spending $ 4,000 within the first 3 months. (Valid only for eligible purchases)
  • Multiply your Membership Rewards points by 4 when paying at your favourite restaurants. (Valid worldwide)
  • Increase your points by 4 when buying groceries and products in supermarkets in the United States. (Up to $ 25,000 per year in purchases. After this limit, the increase is X1)
  • Earn 3X in Membership Rewards points by booking your flight tickets directly with the airlines or through
  • Access a $ 100 credit for the payment of incidental fees associated with a trip or airline.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Before opting for this option, check the rates and conditions on the official American Express website

Note: The American Express Gold card is subject to an annual fee of $ 250.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

It is perhaps one of the favourite options of consumers, especially inveterate travellers. Why? Because the Sapphire Preferred card offers twice as many transferable or redeemable points as the rest for food purchases and restaurant payments. Plus, when it’s time to use your Ultimate Rewards for travel, you’ll enjoy an additional 25% discount, as long as you use the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal to book your trip.

  • The card is subject to an annual fee of $ 95, which is a standard in the market.
  • Earn 60,000 bonus points after spending $ 4,000 in the first three months.
  • Receive 2 points instead of 1 for every trip you make and for purchases you make in restaurants.
  • What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Tip: Before applying for this card, evaluate your credit! You will need a score of 670 to 850 points to access it.

Manage your credit cards well and grow!

 credit cards to get in the United States
credit cards to get in the United States

Regardless of which credit card you apply for, be sure to follow these tips to maintain or improve your score:

  1. Don’t spend more than you can afford in each period on your statement.
  2. If you can’t pay 100% of the card balance, choose to make a slightly higher payment than the minimum fee.
  3. Get in the habit of making extra payments during the month, especially if you receive extra money.
  4. Please check your account online periodically to make sure the payments you have made have been correctly reflected.
  5. Call your credit card company or issuing bank immediately with any problem.
  6. Keep track of your expenses not to exceed your budget and improve credit management.
  7. Do not lend your credit cards to others! It could bring down everything you’ve conquered so far.
  8. What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States

Last conclusions

Take advantage of it whenever there is a way to obtain a loan and build your profile as a consumer from scratch -or improve your rating! Before you begin, you need to determine what situation you are currently in, and the best way to do this is to request a free copy of your report or check your score with tools such as Credit Karma and Credit Sesame.

Once you’ve figured out your credit score, review your report and make sure you don’t need to file a dispute to get it fixed. If all is well, select which credit cards on the list are best for you and use them responsibly.

Most of the credit cards on our list offer rewards, traveller mileage returns or discounts at the leading stores in the country. But beware! Don’t overdo it and never spend more than you can afford at the end of the month.

What are the most accessible credit cards to get in the United States?

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