What does it mean shipment on hold at DHL hub?

What does it mean shipment on hold at DHL hub

What does it mean shipment on hold at DHL hub?

What does  DHL Shipment on hold ” mean? This “shipment on hold” status indicates that DHL is holding the package because the recipient is not at home or waiting for customs duties to be paid. After 2-3 days, the package status will return to normal.

But also, what is a shipping exception?

An exception occurs when a package or shipment is affected by an unforeseen event, which could cause a change in the scheduled delivery day. Exception cases include unknown address, shipping damage, or signature not received.

But what does the DHL exception mean?

It is called an exception when the checkpoints indicate that the shipment has been affected for some reason, for example, because it has been rejected or the address is incorrect. En route for delivery: the shipment is in the hands of the DHL courier to be delivered.

So, what does shipment on hold at the DHL hub mean?

Your shipment is in DHL waiting to be picked up by the recipient upon request. According to our records, it means that you asked to pick up the shipment at a branch.

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What does rescheduled delivery mean at DHL?

The legend Rescheduled in the Status Summary or Tracking Detail field means that the delivery date has been rescheduled, and the package will be delivered on the new date.

What does pending mean at FedEx?

The status” Pending arrival” means that the merchandise has not arrived at the destination delegation in charge of the delivery. This tracking usually appears when the shipment is late or has been parked at the delegation of origin or transit point due to an incident.

What is a FedEx shipping exception?

The “exception” state means that some unexpected event prevents the delivery of the packet. … No one is present to accept delivery of your package.

What does rescheduled shipping mean?

What does Rescheduled mean when I’m checking the status of my shipmentThe Rescheduled designation in the Tracking Summary Status or Tracking Details field or Quantum View<sup>®</sup> Manage means that the delivery date has been changed, and the package will be delivered on the new date.

What do you mean by DHL courier delivery?

DHL is the leader in the logistics industry, specializing in international shipping, courier and transportation services. … Refers to the fact that the shipment is in transit between the origin and the destination of the DHL network.

What does DHL estimated delivery mean?

The estimated delivery date is the date customers see in the “arrives by” field when they confirm their purchase. This value is calculated as “maximum days of preparation + maximum days in transit.” The estimated delivery date is calculated in days and considers the order’s deadline.

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What does exception status mean at DHL?

It is called an exception when the checkpoints indicate that the shipment has been affected for some reason, for example, because it has been rejected or the address is incorrect. En route for delivery: the shipment is in the hands of the DHL courier to be delivered.

What does shipment on hold mean at DHL?

What does DHL Shipment on hold” mean? This “shipment on hold” status indicates that DHL is holding the package because the recipient is not at home or waiting for customs duties to be paid.

What does it mean that my package is waiting for DHL?

Hello. Your shipment is in DHL waiting to be picked up by the recipient upon request. According to our records, it means that you asked to pick up the shipment at a branch.

What does bail Bond DHL mean?

It is a type of “state” when a shipment is in traffic and is generally only transiting through a country but not for commercial purposes in that country.

What does it mean the shipment will transport under Bail Bond?

The shipment will be transported under guarantee (Bond) and presented at the next port once the transfer authorization has been obtained.

What is Bail Bond?

Types of Immigration Bonds G (1) Release Bond – Delivery Bond. It is the most common and ensures that an individual complies with a deportation order.

What is a Bond in shipments?

It means “The shipment is being transported under bail (Bond)” – promodescuentos.com.

What is the Bond in the United States?

Bonded transportation specifically refers to vehicles licensed to transport shipments whose duties and taxes have not yet been paid to US Customs.

What is an in-bond in the USA?

The In-Bond Program involves cargo that enters the country and maybe destined for other locations. An entry bond is required; when the shipment transits to another area (port), the cargo transits the United States bound for another country or is immediately exported.

Who processes the In Bond?

CUSTOMS DEPOSITS (IN-BOND) They will be subject to the power of the main customs office with jurisdiction in the district in which they are located.

What is an inbound in customs?

It is essential to specify that customs warehouses (In Bond) constitute the special regime by which foreign merchandise, national or nationalized, are deposited in a place designated for this purpose, under the control and power of customs, without being subject to the payment of tax. import taxes and fees for

What is the motion called in the United States?

Declaration of American Document.

What does it mean customs have cleared the shipment?

The release is a critical step in the clearance process. It involves the decision by government entities (coordinated mainly by Customs) engaged in cross-border trade to authorize removal by the importer/exporter or their designated agent of the goods; of the

What does DHL clear by customs mean?

Shipments cleared and delivered by the customs broker of your choice. When at the request of the customer or importer, DHL transfers the shipment and its customs documentation so that the customs agent designated by the customer can clear and deliver it to the final destination.

What does forwarded for delivery mean?

It usually means that you have reached the final site of the courier company, and the following message is usually “in delivery,” which is already “in delivery.” If you have sent for delivery at 7 in the morning or before, you may have your package today; If not, it should arrive tomorrow.

What does a customs status update mean?

My shipment shows “Customs Status Updated.” What does it mean? Indicates the customs clearance process at the destination

How to know the status of my package in customs?

How do I know if it is in Customs? The easiest way is to track it through the guide number on the company’s page that sends you the shipment. When the package is in customs, the carrier will give you information more or less like this: “in customs.”

What does it mean that an order is in customs?

Any purchase of products from outside the European Union must go through control and, in addition, pay what is known as customs. That is an amount that is added to the cost of the package.

What does an error in customs clearance mean?

When an error appears in customs clearance, it is not always a problem. It is generally an error that AliExpress has by default when the purchase has arrived in the country and is under review or supervision by customs, but there may not be a problem. 

How long does AliExpress shipping take?

Packages arrive quickly in countries with a large number of orders and those with excellent postal service. The shipment usually takes 3-4 weeks to come, but the term of buyer protection is 60 days.

How long do AliExpress orders take to Mexico?

Shipping time, how long does it take for an AliExpress package to arrive in Mexico? The protection time of the order is 60 days from when they sent it. At the most, it will take 60 days to receive it, although the most normal thing is that it takes about 3-4 weeks to Mexico.

What is DHL?

DHL is a world-class transportation and logistics company headquartered in Germany, with a presence in almost every country globally. It is one of the most important and recognized companies for express parcels and couriers. And it has several agreements with many of the online stores that we know.

Where are DHL shipments tracked?

On the official DHL tracking page: https://www.dhl.com/mx-es/home.html

DHL tracking statuses and their meanings.

This tracking number has been created, and DHL has not yet collected your shipment.

It is usually the first status that appears once DHL registers the tracking number in their system. Indicates that the shipping label has been generated, and you can now schedule a pickup or deliver the package to DHL.

If this status persists for several days without a change, it is very likely that the store or seller has shared a prepaid tracking number with you and has not yet delivered or requested a pickup.

It is best to contact the store and confirm if I have already delivered to DHL in these cases. Only they can request that the order be collected.

Scheduled withdrawal.

This status appears once a shipment pickup has been scheduled. Here you already have an expected date for DHL to pick up the shipment and start the shipping process.

Dropped/collected shipment.

A DHL employee has collected the shipment and is being transported to a local DHL office for processing.


This status indicates that the shipment is being processed at a DHL logistics office, where it is stored and then shipped to the next destination. This status will frequently appear whenever you arrive at a DHL office in the country or even outside it.

Some of these most recurrent processing offices are:

  • Processed in MEXICO CITY – MEXICO
  • Processed in CINCINNATI HUB – USA
  • Processed in (Any state in Mexico)

Departure from a transit center.

The shipment has left some transit centers in the country, destined for a DHL office close to the destination location. If it is an international shipment, it usually travels through several transit centers or DHL offices.

Arrival at a transit center.

This status tells us that it has arrived at a transit center, whether national or international. Here the shipment is managed so that it continues on its way.

Arrived at DHL offices

Indicates that it has arrived at a DHL office where the shipment will be processed and shipped to its destination. It is a confirmation that it was received.

Shipping on hold at DHL hub

Here the shipment is on hold at a DHL distribution center. It is a message that indicates that the shipment is being protected while a date, delivery route, or collection is scheduled at the local office.

It is also stored when conditions beyond DHL do not allow delivery, but it will be released soon.

Shipping available in DHL to be picked up by the recipient upon request.

You can now pick up the shipment at the DHL branch, where the delivery was scheduled. If you don’t know which office to go to, you should call the DHL customer service center.

Shipping on the delivery route.

If you receive many packages, this likely is one of the messages that we most like to hear. This status indicates that the shipment is in the process of being delivered to a DHL courier. You have to be pending to receive the shipment at the destination address.

Shipment delivered.

Finally, the shipment has been delivered.

If it was not you who received it, immediately download the proof of the delivery date that appears on the tracking page, and if you confirm that no person you know has signed the receipt, contact DHL as soon as possible and let them know this. The faster you do it, the easier it to correct these types of errors.

Absent addressee.

The recipient has not been found and is notified of his absence. A second delivery attempt will be made soon.

In the process of customs clearance

The shipment has been randomly chosen to be evaluated in a customs clearance process. It only indicates that it is being processed in the country’s customs, and it will soon be determined if it can enter Mexico and if it must or not pay taxes.

Customs status update.

It is being deliberated whether or not the shipment must comply with the payment of taxes and customs clearance before entering the country of destination. It will be determined soon, and you will receive an update.

Customs process completed.

The customs clearance process is over. Taxes may or may not be paid here. If a message indicating this payment does not appear, rest assured that it has already been fully released and will continue on its way.

Wrong delivery address. Please get in touch with DHL.

The correct address is not available and must be updated before being delivered. DHL must contact immediately to expedite this.

Awaiting payment by the recipient.

Unfortunately, it has been determined that the shipment must comply with the payment of import taxes. For the shipment to be delivered, the amount of the taxes charged to the shipment must cover, and if this is not done, it can be returned or destroyed in the worst-case scenario.

What does it mean shipment on holdWhat does it mean shipment on hold at DHL hub at DHL hub?

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