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FTC issues warning about fake Apple and Amazon calls

FTC issues warning about fake Apple and Amazon calls

FTC issues warning about fake Apple and Amazon calls

Apple must evolve in the world. While a popular scam used to have carriers calling people claiming to be from Microsoft support, now they claim to be from Apple and Amazon. The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning that people receive bogus phone calls with scammers claiming to be from Apple or Amazon support.

Fake Apple and Amazon support calls

Scams at one point were more likely to hit Windows users because they were using the most popular operating system. There was no gain for the crooks in targeting Apple users.

I have received these calls in the past and was able to stop them very quickly. “Windows support” would tell me they found a problem with my computer. I baffled them when I said I didn’t have a PC with Windows.

However, the latest scam is not fake Windows calls, but fake Apple calls or fake Amazon calls.

Apple computers and devices have become much more popular. And whatever operating system you use, you’re more likely to have an Amazon account. One of the recent scams shows that victims receive a recorded message telling them that there has been suspicious activity on their Apple iCloud account. They are informed that their account may have been hacked.

Another of the scams has victims receiving a recorded message from Amazon. The notice informs them that an issue with their account could be either a suspicious purchase, a lost shipment, or an order that cannot fulfill.

Victims of these scams are asked to press 1 to speak to someone or are given a number to call. It is an effort to steal personal information, such as identification information or credit card numbers.

FTC Tips

The FTC advises you that if you receive a call or message that you didn’t suspect was a problem with any of your accounts, you should not follow the caller’s instructions. You should not press any number to log into customer support and not call any phone number provided to you. As always, you should never disclose your personal information.

However, if you think there may be an issue with any of your accounts, you should contact Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, or any other company your account belongs to.

If you’re looking for future information on how to avoid fake calls claiming to be from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, or other companies, read on to learn more about how to tackle cell phone phishing attacks.

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Fake calls from Apple and Amazon support: What you need to know

The scammers call people and use the names of companies everyone knows, Apple and Amazon, to scam people. Here’s what you need to know about these calls.

In one version of the scam, you receive a call and a recorded message: Amazon. The letter indicates that there is a problem with your account. It could be a suspicious purchase, a lost package, or an order they can’t fulfill.

In another twist of the scam, you receive a recorded message stating that there has been suspicious activity in your Apple iCloud account. They say your account may have been hacked.

In both scenarios, the crooks say you can quickly press 1 to talk to someone (how nice of them!). Or they give you a phone number to call. Could you not do it either? It is a scam. They try to steal your personal information, like your account password or credit card number.

If you receive an unexpected call or message about an issue with one of your accounts, hang up.

  • Do not press 1 to speak to customer service.
  • Could you not call the phone number they gave you?
  • Do not share your personal information.
  • If you think there may be an issue with one of your accounts, contact the company using a phone number or website you know to be accurate.

FTC issues warning about fake Apple and Amazon calls

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It displays a local number. I called back and got a foreign operator, lots of noise in the background. I got a second call saying to press 1 or 2 or call back later to call 3152328257. Googled and found this and other info that this is a scam.

315-232-8257 Record statements that come from Apple Support and call them back at this number to speak to a support supervisor. It’s a SCAM call. I have dealt with calls like this before. They tell you THAT YOU have a problem with your Apple computer or that you need to fix an update.

They ask you to grant remote access to your computer. DDO DOES NOT GRANT THIS ACCESS. TO HANG UP. Apple will never call you about a problem with your computer. If you call that number, hang up and block that number on your phone.

FTC issues warning about fake Apple and Amazon calls

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