How much do garbage men make in 2022?

How much do garbage men make

How much do garbage men make in 2022?

He practices his profession most often in the public sector, on behalf of municipalities and private waste management companies. In any case, the function of garbage collectors requires vigilance and an unfailing physical condition. Focus on process and salary:

The “rippers” (another name for garbage collectors) collect household waste from a moving dump truck from private homes. Several tons of household waste will be loaded each day by his teammate and him, to be sorted or crushed.

In addition to household waste, he can also participate in the rare collection of bulky objects placed on the sidewalk by individuals.

A physical exercise and a sustained rhythm will have to be maintained for several hours since a garbage collector generally begins his working day around 6 a.m. to finish it around 1 p.m. when the rounds do in the early hours of the morning. In other cases, during later pickups, he will be asked to work at night.

How much do garbage men make in 2022?

Garbage Collectors made a median salary of $37,840 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $50,240 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $28,880. Intense efforts and variable services to take into consideration in your professional choices!

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In the public service

The local authorities hire the garbage collector most of the time, which makes him a civil servant. After a few years of experience, the garbage collector can progress to the driver of collection or cleaning equipment (dump truck driver) by following additional training.

As always in the public service, salaries change according to age and seniority. The table below, published in 2013 by INSEE on statistics of average net wages by age, gives an idea of ​​what the function can pay:

Average net salaries by age in the territorial civil service:

  • Under 25: 1,339 euros / month
  • From 25 to 39 years old: 1,716 euros / month
  • And From 40 to 49 years old: 1,862 euros / month
  • From 50 to 54 years old: 1,939 euros / month
  • 55 years or over: 2,064 euros / month

As we can see, the salary of the novice garbage collector is relatively low and approaches the minimum wage. Still, it can be enhanced by compensation linked to working conditions and hours. These elements will then vary from one employer to another.

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In the private sector

The profession of the garbage collector is also practiced in the private sector, on behalf of sanitation or public cleanliness companies. Municipalities are using it more and more often as a subcontractor.

Veolia, SEPUR, Niccolini, or SITA are today the leading players in the market. They generally offer similar salaries to the public sector: from 1,250 to 1,300 euros gross per month, which must be added various bonuses, as mentioned above.

On net, we can expect an overall salary ranging from 1350 to 1450 euros for 35 hours per week.

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How much do garbage men make in 2022?

The profession of the garbage collector in brief

Also called a shipper, a garbage collector is an urban cleaning agent most often recruited by a local authority (sometimes a company) to collect waste on the road or even transport it to its reprocessing point. Its primary mission is to carry out the removal of household waste using a specialized truck.

With one or more teammates, the garbage collector stands at the back of the car on a step and, at each stop, carries the garbage cans to the truck bed and activates a mulcher. He usually works early in the morning or late at night.

It is becoming a garbage collector: what training?

If the garbage collectors are trained directly by the employer and do not need a diploma, there are. However, some suitable training courses taking place over two years:

  • CAP PEUCR (cleanliness of the urban environment – collection and recycling )
  • CAP agent for sanitation
  • Collection of particular liquid waste

You can these training courses carry out from the 3rd year in initial training or work-study programs. There is also a professional GPPE baccalaureate (pollution management and environmental protection).

How much do garbage men make in 2022

The role of the garbage collector

The garbage collector takes care of collecting household waste deposited by individuals in the bins provided for this purpose. It transports them to a destruction or landfill site.

In the early morning, the garbage collector puts on his safety clothes and climbs on the truck’s step on which he is going to make his rounds. He is part of a team of three people, two garbage collectors, and a driver-ripper, where everyone knows the steps to be quick and efficient.

In front of each collection point, he descends to secure the skips to the back of the truck, then activates the lifting mechanism. Once empty, the trash can is put back in place. When some are damaged, the garbage collector reports them to technical services to be replaced.

It also indicates the bulky items left on the public highway and all the waste outside the framework of household waste (plants, furniture, chemicals, etc.).

Confronted with trash bags torn by stray dogs, badly parked cars that prevent the truck’s passage, or poorly positioned dumpsters, the garbage collector must know how to improvise so as not to slow down his tour and leave behind clean streets and healthy.

Because if he loses his pace at work, he risks finding himself stuck in the morning traffic jams when leaving for work.

The missions of the garbage collector

The garbage collector contributes to maintaining urban cleanliness :

  • household waste collection
  • compaction of waste in the dump truck
  • collection of garbage scattered on public roads
  • maintenance of collection equipment
  • household waste sorting
  • special waste reporting

The skills to become a garbage collector.

The garbage collector must be in excellent physical condition :

  • like to work staggered hours
  • controlling the sorting and recycling chain
  • know how to identify the different types of waste and their destinations
  • be able to work in a team

Training to become a garbage collector

The profession of the garbage collector is accessible without a diploma via a public service competition. However, to aim for the position of driver or supervisor or to join a private waste collection company, initial training at CAP and bac pro level is available:

  • CAP urban environment cleanliness, collection, and recycling
  • Professional hygiene, cleanliness, sterilization

How much do garbage men make in 2022?

The garbage collector started his career with a gross salary of € 1,480. In the public service, his remuneration changes with his seniority according to a predefined index scale.

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The garbage collector’s workplace

The local and regional authorities are the first employers in the dustman. A few private companies are also involved in waste collection.

How much do garbage men make
How much do garbage men make?

The garbage collector spends his time outdoors, in all seasons. The days start very early, often at night, and end in the middle of the day or afternoon. The intense cold and scorching heat are part of his daily life.

It experiences the odors of garbage and finds itself exposed to the microbial nests that accompany them.

The garbage collector must demonstrate impeccable personal hygiene to minimize the risks associated with his profession.

The career of the garbage Men

After a few years of experience, the garbage collector can aim for supervisory functions or specialize in sorting waste. A local authority can act as a spokesperson for recycling and carry out public awareness actions.

In the field, the garbage man can become a driver-forwarder and thus work more comfortably behind the wheel of his garbage truck.

How much do garbage men make in 2022

How much do garbage men make: 1,460 euros net

We asked Philippe Taburiaux (33), loader at Bruxelles Propreté, how much he earns.

What do you think of your income?

I find my income by the number of hours I work. I start every morning at 6:30 a.m. and finish between 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. It is a gift that the management gives us this half-hour because it usually is 13:30! If the work is physically hard – finally after six months, you are used to it – the hours are good!

Would you change jobs for a higher salary?

I don’t want to leave the company but rather climb the ranks and improve my salary. This year, I took and passed the exams to become a crossing guard. I am therefore waiting for this new function. I have been working at Bruxelles Propreté for ten years.

Friends, I started at the bottom of the ladder as a sweeper, and my colleagues have become friends. Salary is significant, but people also matter! So I don’t want to leave the company for a better income.

Are you saving?

Yes, at least 100 euros every month.

What is your main expense?

My house loan repayment. With my wife, we reimburse € 980 each month.

What are the things you happily spend on?

The food! I don’t count my money to eat healthily. I do a lot of sport, and I pay close attention to my diet and, therefore, also that of my family. Friends, I don’t hesitate to pay more to have quality food on the table!

What about those for which it is more difficult for you to pay?

I find my cell phone bill exorbitant for everyday use. And then all the taxes.

Best-Paying Cities for Garbage Men

The metropolitan areas that pay the highest salary in the garbage collector profession are San Francisco, Chicago, San Jose, Salinas, and Los Angeles.

  • San Francisco, California: $63,970
  • Chicago, Illinois: $63,950
  • San Jose, California: $63,910
  • Salinas, California: $59,930
  • Los Angeles, California: $59,600

Best-Paying States for Garbage Men

The states and districts that pay Garbage Collectors the highest mean salary are Illinois ($60,710), New York ($59,150), California ($56,500), Washington ($54,570), and Connecticut ($46,580).

  • Illinois: $: 60,710
  • New York: $59,150
  • California$: 56,500
  • Washington: $54,570
  • Connecticut: $46,580

Average Garbage Collector Pay vs. Other Best Jobs

Garbage Collectors earned an average salary of $41,400 in 2019. Comparable jobs earned the following average salary in 2019: Bus Drivers made $45,830, Delivery Truck Drivers made $38,520, Security Guards made $33,030, and Janitors made $30,010.

How much do garbage men make in 2022

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