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Neurosurgeon salary

Neurosurgeon salary

Neurosurgeon salary: How much does a neurosurgeon make? Average salary in different countries

We have a car accident, we have a stroke, or we suffer from epilepsy in which the medicines have no effect. These are three situations in which damage occurs that may require medical and surgical intervention in our brain. It is an extremely delicate area of ​​the body, so a qualified professional who can intervene in the area is necessary: ​​neurosurgeons.

We know that it is a very specialized branch of medicine that involves great responsibility and deals with a very delicate area that requires great preparation. As a consequence, the important work is also highly paid. How much does a neurosurgeon charge? In this article, we will observe what their discipline entails and the retribution to which they can aspire in some countries.

Neurosurgery: description of the discipline

Neurosurgery is a medical discipline, a specialization linked to the surgical treatment of neurological problems. It covers both problems associated with the brain and the spinal cord, acting both at the central and peripheral nervous systems level. 

Neurosurgery is responsible for a very specific and localized type of intervention that requires great precision. That can mean the difference between life and death for those who need them. It means that the professionals in this sector bear a high load of stress since their professional practice involves a high level of responsibility (a small mistake could cause the patient’s death or leave severe sequelae).

The neurosurgeon is a specialist in brain and neurological pathology, being able to diagnose and treat various conditions and alterations. Some of the disorders and situations in which they intervene are, for example, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebrovascular accidents, aneurysms, tumors, neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, or serious cases of mental disorders (although the latter case is not usual, sometimes surgery may be used as the last treatment option). 

Its action may include the deactivation or disconnection of dysfunctional brain areas, the implantation or insertion of mechanisms such as valves or other therapeutic elements or techniques, the removal or suction of foreign materials such as tumors, hemorrhages, or excess cerebrospinal fluid.


To carry out these interventions successfully requires a lot of practice and extensive knowledge of neurological anatomy and the most effective treatments for certain conditions and states, a knowledge that must obtain. 

To be a neurosurgeon requires an extensive training period, which may vary depending on the country in which you are trained. In Spain, it is first necessary to study medicine (currently a six-year degree) to later enter the MIR opposition in the specialty of neurosurgery (between two and five years).

These specialists also have a very high volume of work, carrying out extensive shifts to cover possible emergencies. Except in urgent cases, generally, patients who come to neurosurgery do not go to these professionals in the first place but have been referred by the neurologist, who in turn has received the patient from general medicine.

How much does a neurosurgeon charge?

The annual salary of a neurosurgeon is generally high, being one of the highest paid healthcare professionals. It stems from their high level of responsibility, the long training they have to undergo to exercise and the complexity of their task.

However, the exact amount will vary greatly depending on where you practice, the type and number of surgeries you perform (as well as the number of calls you do), and the number of years of experience you deserve. There will also be differences depending on whether it is practiced in the public or private sector.

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How Much a Neurosurgeon Earns

How much does a neurosurgeon earn in the United States 2022 and other countries? Neurosurgery, as such, is a profession with high economic remuneration. Stay to know how much you can earn in this profession if you are in these countries.

Neurosurgeon salary
Neurosurgeon salary

Suppose you were looking to know the salary of a neurosurgeon because you are interested in entering a scientific profession that represents high profitability in the future. In that case, you should bear in mind that it represents several years of study without more. Let’s start.

How much does a neurosurgeon make in the United States 2020

According to the Payscale portal, the salary of a neurosurgeon in the United States is on average $ 412,193 a year. Salaries for neurosurgery specialists may vary by the US state in which they are working.

The years that a neurosurgeon has been practicing also determine the salary they can receive; for example, a neurosurgeon who is at the beginning of practicing the profession may be earning approximately $ 356,507 per year.

Did you want to know a medical profession that promised one of the highest salaries? Well, here you have it to start, but What about a neurosurgeon who has more than five years of experience? 

Suppose you wanted a profession with a significant salary increase. In that case, I tell you that the salary of a neurosurgeon in the United States with more than five years of experience amounts to an approximate $ 404,341 per year, which makes it one of those professions with that you can get rich.

Still not satisfied? Do not worry if your answer is no since you have acquired more than ten years of experience practicing this profession. You can expect to receive a salary of approximately $ 456,152 a year, which lets you know the years it takes you to study for being a neurosurgeon will be well rewarded.

How much does a neurosurgeon charge for surgery in the United States?

The prices per operation by neurosurgeons in the United States market can vary, although the costs are usually in a range that goes from $ 50,000 to $ 150,000 and may even have a higher price than the latter Figure.

Neurosurgeon salary in other countries

Bogota Colombia:Neurosurgeons working in Bogotá Colombia earn an average of 197,545,278 Colombian pesos per year.
Mexico:According to SalaryExpert, those who practice the profession of neurosurgery in Mexico on average receive an annual compensation of 2,318,234 MXN per year.
England:If you are in London England, as a neurosurgeon doctor you can earn on average £ 339,110 per year.
Peru:These professionals in Peru receive an average salary of S / 238,445 per year.
 Argentina:In Argentine territory, the salary of neurosurgery specialists is usually 4,792,140 ARS per year on average.
Ecuador:Graduates of the neurosurgery specialty who work in Ecuador earn an average salary of $ 164,454 per year.
Neurosurgeon salary

1. Spain

In Spain, for example, the average annual salary of the neurosurgeon is between 30,000 and 75,000 euros, although it can reach 90,000 as of experience increases. The average monthly salary is € 2,200.

2. United States

In the United States, the average salaries of neurosurgeons can be between $ 500,000 and $ 700,000 (between € 425,423 and € 595,592).

3. Canada

In Canada the average is between 275,000 and 505,902 Canadian dollars (between 187,092.2 and € 344,182.98).

4. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, specifically in England, salaries also show a great variation, with novice neurosurgeons having around $ 395,000 (€ 336,084.16) on average and their salary to increase to $ 914,796 (€ 778,350.73) with experience, and in some cases even more.

5. Argentina

The average in Argentina is 40,000 Argentine pesos per month (equivalent to € 2,303.11).

6. Mexico

In Mexico, the average neurosurgeon earns around 20,000-25,000 pesos per month. The figure varies depending on whether he works in the public or private sector, the number of interventions and guards he performs, and years of experience. As you gain experience, they could reach 300,000 pesos (equivalent to € 14,016.25).

What does a neurosurgeon do?

A neurosurgeon or brain surgeon specializes in diagnosing and surgically treating diseases or deficiencies related to the nervous system, which can be the section of the brain, including the blood flow of the brain, spine, and nervous system.

They also tend to be involved in the prevention of these ailments and in the way in which a patient is rehabilitated after having been medically treated by the neurosurgery professional.

Thanks to the constant technological advances within surgical specialties such as neurosurgery, neurosurgeons can carry out minimally invasive operations that provide the patient with a less painful experience, with a recovery that usually takes a shorter period.

But to go deeper and learn more about the functions of a neurosurgeon, let’s see the neurosurgery specialties that can be acquired and what they are focused on:

Pediatric neurosurgery

pediatric neurosurgeon deals with children, from those who are newborns to those who have become adolescents.

doctors team
Neurosurgeon salary

The job of a pediatric neurosurgeon is to deal with nervous system conflicts and malformations in patients of these pages, which can include malformations such as:

  • Head malformations
  • Spinal malformations
  • Limb problems that come from birth
  • Brain, spinal, or nerve conditions or injuries
  • Spasticity problems

Spine specialist neurosurgeon

This neurosurgery specialist focuses on treating patients with spinal and spinal cord problems.


The neuro-oncologist or neurosurgeon specialized in neurobiology is a health professional with an idea for diagnosing and treating patients in conditions of a tumor character both at the brain level and others related to the nervous system.

Functional neurosurgery

In this case, the specialist in this branch of neurosurgery focuses on restoring neurological conditions and functions. Thanks to the variation in techniques used to treat patients. This branch of neurosurgery has grown by leaps and bounds, even in treating chronic disorders at the neurological level.


A neurosurgeon specializing in traumatology performs surgical procedures at the skull and brain level for those brain trauma injuries. Without leaving aside highly complex procedures to reconstruct the craniofacial area, decompress and stabilize after the patient has suffered an injury to the spinal cord and spinal column. Operations to repair and restore after peripheral nerve damage has occurred, cerebrospinal fluid, referral steps, including functional surgeries to treat damage caused by a wound of neurological character.

Neurovascular surgery

The neurovascular surgeon specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the brain and spine. They can carry out open or endovascular neurosurgical operations (where the patient is not invaded as much).

Skull base surgery

In this specialty of neurosurgery, the professional focus on the prevention and correction of deficiencies. Conditions that tend to affect the brain’s circulatory system directly. It is usually one of the specialties where the procedures are the most delicate since here the neurosurgeon must operate without injuring the blood vessels in said section.

Neurosurgeon career

Do you remember that at the beginning of this article, we mentioned that the high salary was partly due to the long duration of the years of study? Well, if you want to become a neurosurgeon, you will have to go through a period of 14 years of study or more.

Neurosurgeon salary
Neurosurgeon salary

In the first place, you must acquire your bachelor’s degree at a university, whose duration can be four years; after that, you must apply for a medical school and be admitted. It can last an additional four years.

Finally, you go to the residency stage, which usually lasts for six years. Have you known a profession where you can earn over $300 an hour? If not, well, here you have it, so once again, rest assured, you will be well rewarded, taking into account that a neurosurgeon regularly works 40 hours a week! And just in case, neurosurgeons are in high demand, especially because of the large sums of money that hospitals can earn.

You can start your path to neurosurgery at universities such as the University Of Kentucky, Yale University, Stanford, University Of Miami, University Of Michigan, among other universities located in the United States.

✅How much does a neurosurgeon earn in Colombia?

Neurosurgeons working in Bogotá Colombia earn an average of 197,545,278 Colombian pesos per year.

✅How much does a neurosurgeon earn in Mexico 2022?

According to SalaryExpert, those who practice the profession of neurosurgery in Mexico, on average, receive annual compensation of 2,318,234 MXN per year.

✅How much does a neurosurgeon earn in Peru?

These professionals in Peru receive an average salary of S / 238,445 per year.

✅How much does a neurosurgeon earn in Argentina 2022?

In Argentine territory, the salary of neurosurgery specialists is usually 4,792,140 ARS per year on average.

✅How much does a neurosurgeon earn in Ecuador?

Graduates of the neurosurgery specialty who work in Ecuador earn an average salary of $164,454 per year.

✅How much does a neurosurgeon earn per month in the USA?

Neurosurgeons in the United States will earn an average of $34,349 per month if we divide the annual salary reported by some sources by the 12 months of the year.

Neurosurgeon salary

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